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Expeditions & treks to Andes, Caucasus, Himalaya, Karakorum, Pamir.

Ryszard Pawlowski
Dear Climber,

I welcome You with all my heart to the world of mountains. I started the Patagonia Mountain Agency with a deep fascination with mountains, climbing, and adventure; but also with the concern of meeting the safety and organizational requirements of a mountaineering expedition. After years of experience, this concern is still with me. This is why the safety of our climbers is so important to me. I want good memories of your adventure with us to last a long time. The people that work with me are experienced, responsible and competent. With a great sense of humor. I trust them. You can also trust them. Years of experience in the mountains, sometimes bitter and painful, have not made me a pessimist. Quite the opposite, I am a life-long optimist. This may be part of the reason for our great success in the mountains. I would love for you to join us and become infected with this optimism.

To the mountains with us, safely.

See you on one of our expeditions,

Ryszard Pawlowski

Our philosophy is based on a lively, enthusiastic outlook of the mountains and the alpine wilderness. Some cannot live without the sound of the sea, of sails flapping in the wind, others without music. To us, the thin, clear air, the grandeur of mountain giants and the blinding whiteness of snow is the food without which existence seems impossible. The PMA mission is simple: give those who have fallen in love with the mountains the opportunity to experience an incredible and fulfilling adventure. To make this a reality you need great organization, professional care and commitment. Safety and success are the pillars of the PMA philosophy. The mountains are difficult, full of surprises. The foresight, intuition and safety measures taken by PMA help ensure a safe and successful expedition.

Everest fot. by Ryszard Pawłowski.
more … Ryszard Pawłowski : Ryszard Pawłowski the famous Polish climber. /Version english and polish/


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  5. […] Great tops for everyone! / Version english / […]

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