Challenge Everest 2008 – Lee Farmer expedition.

Challenge Everest 2008 - Lee Farmer expedition 2nd report.

In early March 2008 Lee is undertaking a Himalayan Odessey.

From Kathmandu in the heartland of Nepal, Lee and his wife Nicola Farmer strike out for an independent unguided three week trek to the Everest Base Camp and back beneath the Khumbu ice field on the south side of the mountain, the same base camp which gave Sir John Hunt’s 1953 expedition summit success with Hillary and Tenzing.

Upon the return to Kathmandu, Lee will join fellow team members and retrace his steps taken just a week earlier with his wife for a 70 day expedition to attempt the summit of Everest via the Southeast Ridge. This is a change from Lee’s anticipated climb of the North East Ridge due to the closure of Tibet. This again, is an unguided expedition. Application for this expedition was by invitation only and Lee has been selected as one of only four British mountaineers, making up the eight person team.
Reaching the summit height of 8,850m the Everest expedition will call for stamina, endurance, self reliance and reliance on other team members for the success of summitting the highest mountain in the world.


On the South Side typically the following camps will be established: Base Camp will be established at 5380m where the climbers will remain here for a couple of weeks to acclimatise

Camp 1 (6065m)

Camp 2 (6500m) situated at the top of the North Ridge snow slopes

Camp 3 (7470m) high up on the North Ridge

Camp 4 (7920m)

At 8400m climbers will reach the “the balcony”, a small platform in the mountain just before the famous 12m “Hillary Step” then up a loose and rocky path to the summit. The best time for summitting is in May just before the monsoon season.

… from Lee’s homepage :

Challenge Everest 2008 Dispatch :

21st April: Tomorrow James intends to leave Base Camp early to get up to Camp I, the strategy is to spent a night there then return to Base Camp

15th April: Since arriving at Base Camp Lee has had a couple of rest days and has been busy sorting through gear, with a trip up into the Khumbu Ice Fall.

10th April: Lee has arrived at Everest Base Camp.

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  1. Whoah. That is one mean feat. Good luck to Lee and his wife!

  2. These expeditons are such extrordinary examples of both physical and mental strength…absolutley amazing!!! I can’t begin to fathom what they must first go through to prepare themselves and them what it takes to be able to accomplish such an endeavor…Best wishes to all concerned! H

  3. Always great to read about this and you tell about it and explain it so interesting – thanks for sharing!
    Wishing you a great end to your week 🙂

  4. Hi, how are you today? I have a tag for you…please spread it to the world. Thanks.

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