Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ Everest Challenge – 1st report.

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Everest Challenge Sir Ranulph Fiennes is climbing Everest for Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Delivering Choice Programme. Marie Curie Cancer Care..

Route: South East Ridge. Website –

Sir Ranulph reflects on his trip to Camp 2

During his last trip to Camp 2 Sir Ranulph suffered from severe exhaustion due to lack of sleep. Sir Ranulph said: “I got pretty much ruined, or that is how I felt, by this filthy cough. I’m now on penicillin and the doc has said to go down the valley would be very beneficial to […]

Mountain closed

The world’s highest mountain has today been officially closed. The Nepalese side of Everest has been closed for two days, May 1 and May 2, to allow the Olympic flame to reach the summit of the mountain – from the Chinese side.
Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Team Marie Curie have headed down the valley to Pengboche […]

Sir Ranulph during his recent trip to Camp 2

During his last trip to Camp 2, Sir Ranulph was filmed talking about the inhospitable environment that the team experienced and the difficulty of the ascent and of making any progress.

Pictures from the Camp 2 ascent

Here are some images of Sir Ranulph from the acclimatisation trip to Camp 2.
You can see the precarious ladders that are placed by the Sherpa Ice Doctors, enabling the climbers to take the safest path up the mountain.

A view from Base Camp

From a distance, Everest Base Camp looks like a handful of brightly coloured Quality Streets that have been thrown into an overwhelming pile of rubble at the bottom of a huge tumbling cacophony of exploded ice towers.
As each laboured step brings you closer, the ‘Quality Streets’ become hundreds of brightly coloured tents nestled amongst the […]

Sir Ranulph safely back in Base Camp

Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Team Marie Curie have arrived back in Base Camp after a three night trip to Camp 2.
The acclimatisation trip proved to be a tough one. Because of the altitude, even completing the simplest of tasks, like bending over to pick something up, leaves you out of breath. Many climbers develop what […]

Radios on the mountain

Safety on Everest is of paramount importance for every climber tackling the mountain. Like other teams, Team Marie Curie uses radios to stay in constant contact with the radio base station at Base Camp.
Team Marie Curie is moving as a tight knit unit up the mountain. While climbing through the Icefall there are two radios, […]

First night at Camp 2

By lunchtime today Team Marie Curie had made it into Camp 2. They set off this morning from Camp 1 and walked up through the Western Cwm in the heat to Camp 2.
This will be the first night for the team at Camp 2. With a cook and a mess tent, Camp 2 (often also […]

Team Marie Curie safely reach Camp 1

Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Team Marie Curie have safely arrived at Camp 1 for the second time, after leaving Base Camp this morning.
They are in their tents preparing hot drinks and food before sleep at sundown, preparing themselves to set off towards Camp 2 tomorrow.
The images above are of Base Camp and Team Marie Curie’s […]

Sir Ranulph heads for Camp 2

At six am this morning Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Team Marie Curie left Base Camp for a three night trip to Camp 2. In the dark of the early morning head-torches could be seen dotted up the Khumbu Icefall.
The team will climb for five to six hours through the icefall until they reach Camp 1 […]

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