Himalaya 2008 climbing season – 2nd report.

Manaslu Summits.

14 of May, Manaslu was climbed, a mountaineering site from Kazakhstan reports.

At 10 am Maksut Zhumayev climbed his twelfh Main 8000er. Two hours later the German climbers Thomas Lämmle (his third Main 8000er) and Carsten Otto were on top and again two hours later Australian climber Michael Parker (his fourth Main 8000er) and his Sherpa companions summited.


More Makalu News.

On May 11th were several ascents of Makalu and one of the summiteers was German climber Ralf Dujmovits!

It was his 13th 8000er and there is only Lhotse left now. His wife Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and David Göttler are now waiting for him in Tengpoche.

Yesterday also Denis Urubko summited Makalu and this was also his 13th 8000er. He just needs Cho Oyu now to finish all the 14.

The collectors table is already updated!

Today the names of the successful climbers on May 5th were confirmed: South Koreans Kim Chang-Ho (his 5th 8000er, he climbed without supplementary oxygen!), Park Juong-Yong and Seo Seong-Ho accompanied by Sherpa climbers Tshering Dorje, Mingma and Pasang. They were members of the “Dynamic Busan Makalu-Lhotse Expedition”.



Cristina Castagna also summited on May 11, she is now the first Italian woman on Makalu!

It was her third Main 8000er, in addition she also ascended Shisha Pangma Central-Peak!

About two hours earlier her companion Gianpaolo Casarotto summited as well. He now has climbed five Main-8000ers so far.

Report (in Italian) – http://www.fondazioneitaliani.it/index.php/en/Alpinismo-Cristina-Castagna-e-la-prima-italiana-sul-Makalu.html

Also Dhaulagiri I summits!

After 20 long years he climbed an 8000er summit again!

11 of May, at 2:45 p.m. local time, Artur Hajzer summited Dhaulagiri I together with his companion Robert Szymczak. This was his first 8000er ascent after he stopped climbing because of the loss of his friend Jerzy Kukuczka. He summited Tirich Mir in 1983, Manaslu in 1986, Annapurna I in winter 1987, Shisha Pangma by a new route along the West ridge in the autumn of 1987 and Annapurna I East-Peak in 1988 by a new route. The last three ascents he was accompanied by Jerzy Kukuczka.

– report : – Dhaulagiri Summit !

Makalu summits. /add 12 May, 2008/

Yesterday there were some summits on Makalu. Desnivel reports, that Juanito Oiarzabal summited with Roberto Rojo and the Sherpa climber Pasang Nuru. Also Ecuadorian climber Santiago Quintero and the Brazilians Waldemar Niclewicz and Irivan Burda summited. In addition the summit of Carlos Soria with his Sherpa companion was reported. If this is confirmed, Carlos would be the oldest climber, who summited Makalu with 69 years and 96 days. He also would be the oldest to summit any 8000er without bottled oxygen. More to follow…


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Himalaya 2008 climbing season – report.

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