More Everest Summits – Himalaya 2008 climbing season – 4th report.

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May 25, 2008.

More Nepalese Women summited Everest.

Ms.Chunu Shrestha and Mr.DaGombhu Sherpa successfully climbed Mt.Everest today.

Expedition site : –

May 24, 2008, at 8:30 am.

Five members of 1st Inclusive Women Expedition scale Mt Everest Five Members of First

Inclusive Women Sagarmatha Expedition 2008 have successfully climbed the Mt. Everest on Thursday, a press release issued by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation said.

Susmita Maskey, Maya Gurung, Nwang Phuti Sherpa, Pemba Diki Sherpa and Poojan Acharya were among the 10 members of the expedition to the world’s tallest peak (8848 m).

Five high altitude workers from the team – Pemba Dorje Sherpa, Kaji Sherpa, Phurba Tenzing Sherpa, Ang Gelu Sherpa and Karma Gyelije Sherpa – also climbed the peak today.

The First Inclusive Women Sagarmatha Expedition 2008 team was permitted to climb the Mt. Everest from the normal route for the period of 75 days from April 16, 2008 under the leadership of Susmita Maskey. The team had set out to the Everest Came camp on April 14.

The government had waived all royalties equivalent to US$ 100,000 to the team and also granted financial assistance of Rs 1 million to this team.

This was the biggest all-Nepali women expedition to the Everest. The main objective of the expedition was to draw the world’s attention to gender equality, women empowerment and the effects of climate change in the Himalayas.

– mk May 22 08

21st May 2008, 3.30 pm.

Good news received from Everest base camp. Just 5 minutes ago, our base camp person Lunduk sherpa & liaison officer called up & passed the information that our Everest team did 100% summit success in Mt Everest Expedition.

Following clients & Sherpas did the summit at 11.45am :

1 Ms Kalpana Dash – Leader- 07/07/1966 Indian.

2 Mr Ryszard Kurdziel – Member 05/10/52 Canadian.

Kalpana Dash is actually from Kumbhar Sahi, Kanchan Bazar, Dhenkanal, state: Orrisa, India

Following climbing sherpas from the same team reach on the summit at the same time :

1. Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa from Solukhumbu district, Sotang – 6
2. Kusang Tenzing Sherpa from Taplejung district, Lelep – 9
3. Ngima Nuru Sherpa from Solukhumbu district, Namche – 4Lhakpa & Kusang on top of Mt Amadablam

Ngima nuru did the 10th summit on Mt Everest. I think they discent to camp IV today & descent all the way to EBC by tomorrow.

Rosa Maria descent to the BC safely, she is taking rest & probably trek back soon.

Congratulation to all of you

Posted by Dawa, KTM –

20th May 2008

It’s right time for shouting!!!! We did the first Mt Everest summit 2008 on the south side.

“Congratulation to our team”

We did first Mt Everest summit from the South side. Cheers my friend Namgya Sherpa, yes actually he is my best friend.

Few information of Namgya Sherpa!!!!!Namgya on Summit of Mt Everest last year 2007

Namgya Sherpa, a permanent resident of Lelep V.DC – 8, Taplejung district, (a very far eastern region of Nepal) & now temporary resident of Kathmandu is a very successful mountain guide. He started trekking & mountaineering expedition field as a junior trekking sherpa man who just carry backpack of client. But now this is his 7th times summit on Mt Everest. Last year on the north side of Mt Everest he did twice summit.

How did he make the first Mt Everest Summit from the south east route?

He went up to Everest base camp after guiding a trekking team to Langtang region. As I remember he flew to Lukla on 3rd may 2008 & he is on the top on 20th may, which means that within the 17 days only. What a great job Namgya!!! Cool.

Yesterday around 4pm, I have received a call from my base camp cook, Mr Lunduk sherpa, we just talked few minutes. He said ………………..

“ Hello Dawa, today Namgya Sherpa reached on the top of Mt Everest at 3.30 pm. Plus Rosa Fernandez Maria & Da Chhiri Sherpa, they made summit of Mt Lhotse at 8.35 am.”

Ms Rosa Fernendez Maria, from Spain, is a real Himalaya mountain climber; she did Mt Everest with us before. Da Chhiri Sherpa, an experienced climbing sherpa from Namche- 4, date of birth 1977. I don’t say 100% that Rosa & Da Chhiri is the first summit persons on Mt Lhotse spring 2008 but I can say more than 50% that they are the first summiteers on Lhotse as well.

I am waiting for more news from Everest base camp. Richard an experienced Canadian climber supposes to go on summit this morning. Ms Kalpana Dash, an indian lady climber is doing well, she plan to go for summit attampt on 23rd morning. I will up date the news soon as possible.

Dawa Lama from KTM. –

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    In my Digital Media class at Bellaire High school we are creating videos about anything. My objective involves achievement and inspiration. Your photo of Namgya Sherpa is an excellent example for my stand. Further more, I am asking permission for the use of your photo in my presentation. Your response is imperative and respected.

    Rebecca Rodriguez

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