Everest Climbing to end this season. Himalaya 2008 climbing season – 5th report.

Everest Climbing to end this season by May 31.

May 31 could be the last day for the climbers to reach top of the planet, as the government has issued climbing permission only till the end this month.

With Wednesday as the ‘climbing vacation’ as nobody scaled the Everest on the day, the short and intense spring season for climbing Mount Everest is going to end in three days.

“Probably, the season has come to an end,” said an official at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. everest-best-pic.jpg

Namgya Sherpa of Taplejung was the first to scale Everest this season. He reached the top of the world on May 21. Till the date, at least 220 * people have scaled the peak from the normal route and nobody except the 19-member Olympic torch expedition reached the top of the world on May 7 from the Chinese side.

Meanwhile, THT quoting the president of Nepal Mountaineering Association Ang Tshering Sherpa reported that the number of Everest climbers did not rise this year. Last year, 254 people had scaled the Everest from the Nepali side and 303 from the Chinese side.

Sherpa said climbing Everest from the Nepali side has become more expensive than climbing it from the Chinese side.

He added the season remained normal except for tensions for a few days at the beginning of the season when the government banned expeditions till May 10 to ease the Olympic expedition.

Sherpa said only one climber, a Swiss mountaineer, died on Everest this season. The number of accidents and deaths on Everest went drastically down this season, thanks to the modern technologies and experience of the climbers, he said.

He called the government and the climbers as well to make the expeditions more environment friendly in the context of the global warming and climate change.

* clasification by : – http://www.nepalmountainnews.com/

340 Everest Summits at least!

It seems that the Everest season has finished now, so a preliminary overview will be possible soon.

So far the draft counts are the following day by day:
Date           Times
May 8th        19
May 20th       2
May 21st      71
May 22nd     92
May 23rd      33
May 24th      71
May 25th      25
May 26th      17
May 27th      10
summary     340

The first Saudi-Arabian, the first Vietnamese, the first Thai, the first Jordanian and the first Algerian summited Everest this season. In addition to the new Nepalese female tribes reported in earlier news also a woman from Sikkim, who belongs to the well known tribe Tamang, summited. Several Nepalese male Tamangs summited Everest before, but no woman from this tribe until now, and she is not from Nepal.

Also there was the first mother and daughter team and now there were two men with over 75 years of age on top.

More details will be posted next week!

** clasification by : – http://www.8000ers.com/cms/

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