Interesting www pages about climbing in mountains.

1. American Alpine Institute – Climbing Blog.

American Alpine Institute Climbing BlogThis blog is actually by a team of climbing guides from a climbing and mountaineering school in Washington. The blog keeps you up to date on news from worldwide climbing destinations. The blog also follows many of the guided climbs with responses and comments from their clients. From their about us page: A mountaineering school and climbing guide service, specializing in rock, snow, and ice climbing courses, backpacking programs, and world-wide high altitude expeditions and treks.

Blogging From: Bellingham, WA
Blogging Since: Sept 2007

2. High Places.

High PlacesHigh Places is a blog by Steph Davis about rock climbing, base jumping and wingsuit flying among other things. The blog is packed with cool pictures. Most of Stephs adventures take place Moab, Ut and Yosemite, CA and any place in between. Check it out.

Blogging From: Moab, UT
Bloggin Since: June 2007

* see : – Steph Davis special guest of V KFG – gość specjalny festiwalu /Version polish and english/

Steph Davis – new book WIELKIE ZAUROCZENIE , opowiada o swojej nowej książce. /Version polish and english/

3. Climbing Narc.

Climbing NarcI started climbing at the end of 1999 and I have been hooked ever since. So hooked in fact that I often times find myself fighting one over-use injury after another. I started this blog in Februrary of 2007 after my narcissism fueled compulsive behavior led to my most difficult climbing injury to date: elbow tendinitis.

At the time, there were a lot of sites on the internet devoted to climbing, but I had yet to find one that tried to pull it all together so that people didn’t have to search 20 sites to find out what was going on. Hopefully, if you are as psyched about climbing as I am, you will enjoy all the different climbing content I am trying to bring together in this one centralized location.

Blogging From: Wisconsin
Blogging Since: Feb 2007

4. Rock Climber Girl.Rock Climber girl

Trip reports, gear reviews, climbing photography and other commentary on my climbing life, by Sara, an avid amateur climber and climbing writer living in the Pacific Northwest.

Blogging From: Washington
Bloggin Since: December 2007

5. Kate and Mark’s Excellent Adventures.

Kate is in her late-20s and currently attending Colorado State University’s graduate program in the Atmospheric Sciences. She hopes to have a Phd in climatology and atmospheric physics sometime in the next decade or so. But for the time being, she’s thrilled to be living with her wonderful husband and happy dog here in Northern Colorado.

Mark is approaching his mid-30s and is working as a device programmer for a fun local company. He loves this job as he gets to play with all kinds of new and cool technologies, and he gets to bring Liv into work with him. She sleeps in his cube and sometimes helps him code.

As a family, we all try to live full, balanced lives. We spend most of our weekends out enjoying the sunny rocks, trails, and snow in the western US. We travel a fair bit, as well, and are always up for a new and exciting adventure!

Hopefully, this blog will give a quick daily glimpse into our lives as students, scientists, programmers, rock climbers, backcountry dwellers, travelers and human beings (or dogs in Liv’s case).

6. Fun Climbs Around The World.

Sibylle Hechtel is the author of the book:”Fun Climbs Colorado: Best Family Climbing Vacations”. On her blog she writes: ” I love climbing and want to share my experiences. I want to present fun climbs for all of us, including weekend warriors who work for a living. Germans, who coined the term “sport climbing” (Sportklettern) have a word for this: Genußklettern (the German ‘ß’ denotes a combination of s plus z). In French, they call it Plaisir. The late Jürg von Känel, who wrote the guidebooks to Switzerland, Schweiz Extrem and Schweiz Plaisir, told me that they sell the Plaisir guide 95% of the time. I hope to write similar books for other parts of the United States (you tell me where you want them).”

7. The Life of a Relic. The Life of a Relic

From the blog: On October 8, 2007 I retired from the U.S. Department of Justice, where I spent 21 years enforcing the Clean Air and Water Acts and other laws to protect our environment. I am married to a terrific woman (Lois) and have two adult daughters (Valerie and Karen) who bring me joy every day, even though they are busy with their own lives and not around much. At age 54 I started racing a Miata on road tracks with the SCCA. In 2006, Karen persuaded me to resume rock climbing, something I had not done for 35 years. Chapter 1 of a novel about King Alfred the Great of Wessex (England) sits on my shelf, but I have been too busy to get any more of it written.

Blogging From: Bethesda, MD
Blogging Since: December 2007

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