The biggest light protest on Earth.

One last day of effort

Today I would like every one of us, to dedicate as much time as she or he can, to remind the world that the

will take place tomorrow at 9:00 p.m.

Please use every possible means of broadcast
• facebook, MySpace, Xing, Bebo, Orkut and other networks.
• Email all your contacts
• Blog and post
• Talkback where you can


Please make it a priority. Please ask them all to remind their friends too.


Hello my friends

H.H. the Dalai Lama says, in his letter of support to our campaign that people in the free world take freedom for granted.

This is the essence of our campaign – Making people stop and think about their freedom. We’d like people to think about what it means to them, to imagine how it feels to be deprived of it, and to have a say about it.

I strongly believe that there are many millions out there who would love to join us, had they known about us.

We have 7 days left to let the world know. Let us dedicate ourselves in these days to supporting His Holiness and the people of Tibet.

The mass media is the key. We have to do our best to have our story published.
Here you can find our press releases in many languages. Use them.

Please make sure that you have invited every one you can. Please don’t assume, everyone loves freedom, Invite them all.
Invitation text (change language – menu top left)

Love and Freedom to all,


And yes, send all details about public candle lighting to
We will post them for the benefit of all.

1. Invite every one you know. Don’t assume. Everyone loves freedom.

2. Keep telling the media about:
“The Biggest Single Action in the World” for a FREE TIBET (Yes, that’s us)

3. Write to
all Tibet support groups and ask them for their ACTIVE support (they all support us). meaning? ask them to send their mailing lists invitation to

4. Blog
about it. Post our banners in your website. Talkback on websites and news portals.

5. Light candles in public.
80% of this network wish to light candles either with friends or in public. Get organized. Let us know about it.


Let’s paint the internet ORANGE. You can find the photo HERE

‘Infect’ your friends. Thousands are doing it today in facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Orkut. Ask all you friends to do the same.

There are only 1 Day left

Now is the time for extra effort from everyone.

Please copy the invitation below and send to all your friends.

There are many millions who’d love to join us, had they known!

also in:
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Hebrew


Do you, like me, care about freedom and want to have a say about it?

Please join more than 100,000,000 people in the Biggest Light Protest on Earth for a Free Tibet.

  • Light a candle on August 7th at 9:00 p.m. (At your home, or in public)
  • Join and enjoy special light actions on the same night.
  • Drive with you car’s headlights on during August 8 2008.
  • Watch “Sad Smoky Mountains” teams paint the sky with red smoke.
  • Watch those attending the opening ceremony in Beijing light candles, flashlights, cell phones and lighters. All for a FREE TIBET.

Please us join ,


Candle for Tibet

The World’s Greatest Light Protest for Tibet grows even greater

All out light for Tibet in the 24 hours preceding the Olympic Games.

Sad Smoky Mountains & Skyscrapers join Candle for Tibet campaign. Will ignite red smoke on hundreds of mountain tops and on several skyscrapers in major cities.

• “Candle for Tibet” asks people to put the candle in their windows, desks, or anywhere else where other people will see it and hopefully do the same. Many will participate in candle vigils throughout the world.

• CFT is calling on All Light artists in the world to create light shows for freedom.

• CFT calls the people of the world to take part by lighting candles, flash lights, lighters, car headlights and any other light source.

• CFT calls for all those who plan to attend the opening ceremony in Beijing to light a candle, flash light, a lighter or even a cell phone during the ceremony.

Thank you.

** zapraszam na relacje z  wypraw polskich himalaistów.

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