Himalaya 2008 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /12/ – Week in Review.

Yes it’s that time of the year again! The brand new 2008 Everest and Himalaya fall list of expeditions is up – and so are the Antarctica and Arctic expeditions! So far all going for the South Pole are starting from the coast and skiing without resupplies. Kang will have a very bold ski attempt, and there are a number of other cool climbs taking place in Himalaya.

Chinese Shisha and Cho Oyu will remain almost empty though, except for a few “lucky” commercial expedition outfitters.

In other news: a useful energy report from team HET and an editorial about a Global Warming expedition – stuck in ice, as expected.

Cho Oyu: Visas for Tibet like golden Willie Wonka tickets “…there in black and red ink was our golden Willie Wonka ticket, of which there seem to be very few this year,” reported FTA leader Stu Remensnyder from Kathmandu, after the team got their visas approved by the Chinese embassy. “Clearly we will have a different experience this year on Cho Oyu with such a smaller number of teams and we welcome the chance to enjoy less competition for space,” Stu added.

2008 fall climbing season kick-off: Everest and Himalaya list of expeditions! In 2006, Chinese soldiers shot Tibetan kids trying to leave their country over Nangpa La pass, very close to Cho Oyu. A climbing guide who spoke up was threatened by two commercial expedition leaders. Last month, several outfitters requested from ExWeb for their names to be removed from pro-Tibet stories; they had learned competitors used the articles to get them kicked out of China. Now the Chinese have opened Cho Oyu again, but restricted permits – check who’s in and who’s out. Looks this will be an all-out Nepal climbing season; with quite a few very hard climbs coming up.

Antarctica 2008 kick-off: list of expeditions + preview Arctic 2009 The first list of expeditions for the 2008 Antarctica season is compiled. This time with 2009 Arctic expeditions added.

Vikings for a sky-descent of Kangchenjunga Fredrik Eriksson and Jörgen Aamot are aiming for the first complete ski descent from Kangchenjunga’s summit. Should they make it, theirs would be the first Swedish/Norwegian ascent of the peak and the first ski descent of its (very steep) slopes ever.

Manaslu: The climb is on! Early birds have already established the first camps on Manaslu.

ExWeb editorial: Tina about Pugh, media and global warming After only a few days out, Lewis attempt to kayak 1,200 km from Svalbard (Norway) to the North Pole ended somewhere outside the coast. “Explorers like me have been paddling and swimming to the North Pole for decades, and now we’d like to know how come we don’t get to speak to the US Congress about “climate change and security,” wrote ExWeb’s Tina Sjogren in an editorial; crunching the numbers on Pugh’s “global warming” expedition.

A visit with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory: HET special report Man made or not, our battle against the Global Warming is a good one. Less talked about is the topic of Global Overpopulation and this is where alternative energy will really come into play. Researching a new generation of batteries and solar power; team HET paid a visit to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory located in Golden, Colorado. With a staff of 1300; the former weapons depot is one of the leading labs on the issue. Check the report, shock-full with useful facts and numbers.

Skydive Everest: program kicking off in October after successful tests Mid May, High and Wild skydived from 16,000ft at Shyanboche as a test jump for the first ever program of skydiving in the Everest Himalaya to take place this Autumn. Local partner Explore Himalaya also reports that Fishtail Air is ready to launch a Bell 206B III helicopter for commercial operation in Nepal. British Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill actually chose a Bell helicopter for their helicopter flight across both poles.

Everest’s seeds become sunflowers Educational Assistant at Winchester Public school, Jeff Arsenault hoped to spark the kids’ interest for his favorite hobby – gardening. In spring this year Justin Merle carried 5000 sunflower seeds to the top of Everest. Back in the States, the seeds were planted by hundreds of students. “The Sunflower’s stocks are a little bit smaller, but the flower head is the same,” Jeff wrote.

Trango Towers: Snow leopards Free Dream had snow leopards in camp: “Our cook and guide saw two adults and a cub around 50m from the tents, they shone their lights but they came closer. It was only the noise of the stove that scared them off in the end. We found their tracks in the mud by the lake this afternoon.” The climbers hoped to top out Trango this weekend.

Nazir Sabir: Pakistan’s northern regions safe for next year “2008 season was quite modest in terms of culture tourism inflow, but we are glad to inform you that Pakistan hosted 83 mountaineering expeditions and over 400 trekking teams – both going all over the northern mountain regions,” Nazir Sabir reported. “Our Northern areas remain safe and sound for foreign visitors and they can move freely without any apprehensions.”

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