Nepal Trekking BAI Everest Base Camp Trek – Himalaya Spring 2009.

BAI – Everest Base Camp Trek
Spring April 25 – May 17, 2009
by Tracy Jacobson

BAI – Spring 2009 Everest Base Camp Trek

Beginning from our home base in Kathmandu, the five-star luxury of the famous Yak and Yeti hotel, we will immerse ourselves into the history, art and religion of one of the most fascinating cultures in the world.

Team boarding the plane    Wally Berg and Ang Temba  (right)

Day three in Kathmandu, early morning departure to Lukla, the start of our EBC trek! This exciting flight will give you the first views of these grand peaks.

After landing on the famous Lukla runway at 9,300 feet above sea level, the excitement continues as we load the animals who are an important part of the team.

Nim Puthi, BAI’s yak leader. This beautiful woman is a hard worker and always has a smile.

You will travel through many villages along the way

Many prayer wheels to spin and many rest stops

monistary2 donblessing5sm2

You will be invited into the ancient monasteries and receive blessings

bridge2 loboche2

An abundance of suspension bridges and high towering peaks

dennisphakding2 friends2

The people you will meet and the friendships that will begin

kala2 Everest2

First Goal- Summit of Kala Patar from which you will see EVEREST!


Your Second Goal – Everest Base Camp

Here you will visit and see how the Everest Climbing teams live while the constantly moving Khumbu glacier crackles and Everest 29,035 ft (8,852 meters) hovers above.

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