Himalaya 2008 climbing season Update: Plans for Everest 2009 and late-season Ama Dablam action.

(MountEverest.net/Madrid) With fall Himalayan climbing season virtually closed, expedition outfitters are fixing plans for next year. Rumors of further restrictions in Tibet are keeping most Everest expeditions with sights set on Nepal’s southern side.

Mountain action is not completely over yet though, since some teams still hope for late-season ascents on Ama Dablam.  1-everest-nort_side-new

Everest 2009 outlook: Everybody going south

Everest from Tibet looks like being closed again in spring 2009 so we are heading back to the warmer, although more expensive side of the mountain,” Altitude Junkies’ home team reported. AJ’s Phil Crampton and Project-Himalaya’s Jamie McGuinness appear as team leaders on upcoming expeditions on Everest’s south side and Lhotse, according to P-H’s website.

“2009’s Everest north side expedition has been cancelled due to vague permi regulations China has been taking about closing the north side again in 2009 for clean up,” Peak Freaks posted. “We will be back on the south side in Nepal.”

Further expedition outfitters are also announcing they will have teams climbing Everest from Nepal. Such is the case of Adventure Consultants, Alpine Ascents, IMG, MM, etc. Confirmation is still expected from outfitters usually launching expeditions on Everest’s north side, such as Summit Climb.

Blaming dirty mountaineers   1-ama-dablam-sw_new

Anyway, Chinese authorities will have the last word. While no confirmation has been yet published by China/Tibet Mountaineering Association, news of possible restrictions was released already in June. Back then, and right after Beijing Olympics, there was already reports on further restrictions being planned, this time under “Environmental reasons.”

“The Tibet Autonomous Regional Environmental Protection Agency plans to cooperate with the Tibet Mountaineering School in the first half of 2009 to to conduct a comprehensive clean-up of Everest, according to Zhang Yongze, Secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Regional Environmental Protection Agency,” Tibet.cn reported on June 26th.”

“All the garbage has been left behind by hikers and tourists,” they added. “Zhang explained it is necessary to tighten management, such as limit the number of mountain climbers and regulate legal business activites.”

Ama Dablam: Late-seasons ascents ahead1-ama-dablam-new

While FTA team members are acclimatizing on Island Peak, an expedition launched by Uk-based Jagged-Globe is approaching Ama Dablam’s BC. Last Friday the team led by IFMGA Guides Caroline Ogden and Marty Beare was in Namche Bazaar.

“Each year, our Ama Dablam expedition arrives at the mountain as many teams are leaving,” Jagged-Globe home team stated. “We prefer to climb late season, when the mountain is quieter, though conditions colder.”

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