Men’s Wicking Shirt.

One of the best areas of improvement in recent years, when it comes to outdoor clothing, is in the area of   mens-shirtbase layers. We’ve seen a marked improvement in the synthetic fabrics that are used in these layers that are closest to our body, and designed to keep us warm and dry at the same time by wicking moisture away from our skin.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure to try out a new men’s wicking shirt that is available from the fine folks over at Two Knobby Tires. The shirt is designed by Sport Science and gets major points because it actually looks and feels like cotton, but carries all of the benefits of synthetic fabrics as well, meaning it’s great at wicking moisture away and keeping you dry in what every you’re doing.

I was tested the long sleeve shirt in a variety of conditions, including using it as a running shirt on a cool night her in Texas. The temperatures dropped into the low 40’s but the shirt kept me warm while i was moving, and still dry when I started to sweat. For me, that’s the perfect test for a piece of active wear that I want to use, and this shirt performance exceeded my expectations.

The shirt also scores well in the looks department, making it easy to wear when you’re kicking around town as well. It’s very comfortable, either alone or under a jacket, making it an ideal choice on or off the trail. Pair it with a fleece layer and an outer shell, and it’ll play a great role in your layering system, keeping you plenty warm in any conditions.

So, if you’re pondering what to get your favorite outdoorsmen (or woman, her version is available here), then I’d highly recommend this men’s wicking shirt. Not only does it perform well in a variety of conditions, it’s also very affordable ($25.98!) and looks great too. Do yourself a favor this holiday season, stay home, shop online, and beat the crowds. 😉

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