Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /1/ – Week in Review.

It has been a very busy month at ExWeb. Irish/Alaskan Gerard McDonnell (K2, post-mortem) was awarded Best of ExplorersWeb 2008 for one of the most heroic rescue attempts in the history of Himalaya mountaineering.

Other winners were (2 – 8 ) Inaki’s rescue team (Annapurna), Tomek and Wacek (solo sail around the world against the wind), Erden Eruc (longest row), Babanov & Afanasiev (new 8000+ routes), Alberto Peruffo (freedom), Ivan Vallejo (14, 8000ers w/o 02) and Tara’s Arctic Voyage. Special mention went to Shparo & Smolin (North Pole winter), Valery (Base Jump), Miura & Sherchan (Everest) and Burwick (Ocean).

And there were no less than 2 Year-In-Reviews; one with special focus on China and Everest.

Meanwhile, other adventure was full throttle – mainly on Antarctica and in winter Himalaya.

Winter Manaslu: It’s over “We spent four days trying to find a safe route through the icefall between C1 and C2 – to no avail,” the Czech team reported. “We managed to reach ‘only’ 5850 meter above sea level before calling it quits.” The climbers celebrated New Year’s Eve in Lapubesi, on the trek back to civilization.

Simone and Denis in Makalu BC A chopper airlifted Simone Moro and Denis Urubko to Makalu BC on Friday. “All we need now is 3-4 days of decent weather,” Denis told RussianClimb.

Broad Peak – summit push next The Polish/Canuck trio worked fast on Broad Peak. All high camps are set and next attempt will go for the summit.

Kwande Lho: Ines and Cory bag summit “And then, with all the anticlimactic energy in the world culminating into a single second, we are on top.” Ines Papert and her photographer bagged Kwande Lho in an all-or-nothing 4 day ascent of the peak’s frigid north face.

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