How Much Does It Cost To Climb Mt. Everest?

Ever wondered how much it costs to climb Everest? Well, Alan Arnette has once again updated his Everest 2009 page answering that very question.  

Alan has taken a survey of the list prices for all the top guide services on Everest this year, and put them down in an easy to read chart. Prices range from the “low-end” of an estimated $26,000 from Asian Trekking all the way up to $65,000 from several of the bigger companies such as Adventure Consultants and Mountain Madness. Of course, those prices don’t include the fact that you’ll need to have roughly two months of free time to devote to climbing the mountain either.

If you have more questions about climbing Everest, you’ll definitely want to bookmark Alan’s page dedicated to the mountain. He’s been there three times and follows the Everest scene very closely. He’s also posted links to some of the top guide services, as well as some frequently asked questions when it comes to guides as well.

We’re still a few months away from the start of the Everest 2009 season, but the planning and preparation is already in full swing. Should be another interesting year.

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How Much Does it Cost to Climb Mt. Everest?
(update : December 8th, 2009)

Author: Alan Arnette.

How much does it cost to climb Mt. Everest? This is one of the most common Google searches that lead people to my site. And the most often asked question during my presentations. My usual answer is “A car.”

But everyone who has read Jon Krakaurer’s Into Thin Air book read that both Adventure Consultants and Mountain Madness’ clients paid $65,000 each in 1996. So in 14 years, has that changed?

Here is my annual update on list prices based on December 2009 public information posted on the companies’ websites. The high price for 2010 goes to RMI with a climb guided by 11 time Everest summiter, Dave Hahn at $74,000. The low-end, as usual, is offered by the local Kathmandu operators; with Asian Trekking leading the way at $30,300.

Remember that these are list prices and sometimes discounts can be negotiated but not always. I tired to ‘normalize’ the prices by adding flights, oxygen, full support at all camps and a 1:1 Sherpa/Client ratio for summit night if the companies’ base price does not include it.

In the following table you can see that prices have moved a bit from last year, on average south side prices went up for some operators and now average about $51,000 on the south. The north side prices remained about the same at an average of $26,900. This spread has narrowed somewhat over the decade as the costs on the Chinese side have increased. However, prices on the Nepal side have also increased in a classic case of supply and demand.

(2009 price)
(2009 price)
Adventure Consultants NZ $65,000 ($65,000) N/A Mike Roberts
Alpine Ascents International US $65,000 ($65,000) N/A
Mountain Trip US $62,000 ($65,000) Scott Woolums
Mountain Madness US $59,000 ($65,000) N/A Willie Benegas
RMI US $74,000 ($65,000) N/A Dave Hahn
Dream Guides UK $60,000 ($60,000) N/A Kenton Cool
Jagged Globe UK $54,000 ($54,000) N/A
High Altitude Dreams NP $37,500 ($45,000) N/A No Western Leader
Himalayan Experience FR N/A ($43,440) N/A Russell Brice
7 Summits NL N/A $29,332 ($31,586)
International Mountain Guides US $40,000 ($42,950) N/A $55K with Mike Hamill oversight
$70K for a personal guide
Project Himalaya NP $29,950 ($27,500) Jamie McGuinness
Altitude Junkies UK $40,000 ($35,000) N/A Phil Crampton
Peak Freaks CA $41,000 ($35,000) $30,000 Tim Rippel
SummitClimb US $35,550 ($32,700) $32.250 (27,700) Dan Mazzur, Arnold Coster
Asian Trekking NP $30,300 ($26,000 est.) $21,757 No Western Leader

The major difference between the higher and lower prices for all companies is primarily the inclusion of western guides and a small guide to climber ratio. In other words, the highest price is based on small teams with a at least one, if not more, western guides and a high number of Sherpas. The low prices usually have no western guide and sometimes a minimum number of Sherpas. Finally some of the price changes are due to currency adjustments with companies offering their climbs in Euros, not US Dollars.

This can be quite confusing so if you want to know more I have extensive details on my Guide and Questions for Guides pages.

Climb On!


* Source : – Alan Arnette : 2010 Everest expeditions.

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55 Responses

  1. Quite an interesting figures actually. The price range is quite wide. Of course those are more or less custom trips, so it’s easy to understand.

  2. Contains referece to an ocean of info on the Everest. A MUST for everyone interested in knowing more about mountaineering. Nice.

  3. This might only apply to a handful of adventurers but I’ve had friends here in the US who needed to factor in the cost of joining a gym and getting in shape before attempting the climb. At least they knew such preliminaries were necessary. My two friends, who later signed on with one of the more expensive expeditions, did consider the experience “life-altering.” To them it was worth the money and more.

  4. I’m 20 years old, is there any way to climb mt. everest with out paying $26,000?

    • As far as Im aware as lon as your fit and have a compass you can just turn up and climb.
      All the best

    • Sure. Go to the Khumbu region and marry a local woman. Become a porter and climb the mountain. You will be paid to do it bro!!!

    • Someone did it for $7,600 in 2008. He was in no way prepred, cutting back on everything from only 2 bottles of oxegen, to a walmart sleeping bag. Saddly his body is still up there 😦

    • if you want to do it for free you can just climb it from an ‘unorthadox’ side

  5. My name is Quinton and i am 16 years old. for years i have always dreamed of climbing Mt. Everest. One day i was reading the Guinness World Records 2008 book and i saw that there was a couple pages about the fastest time to climb the mountain, most times to climb the mountain, youngest person to climb the mountain, etc… well i want to become the youngest person to climb the mountain the fastest. I’m hoping to do it in 2010 or 2011, so I’ll be about 16 or 17 years old. i have no training what so ever and i need training before the beginning of 2011 can i do it with out training or with a little training? cause i really want to set the world record. email me.

  6. is there any way to climb mt. everest for free without a guide? is there an age limit to climb? ’cause im 16 and have always wanted to climb mt. everest.

  7. Quinton, you can climb it for free (just the cost of your equipment and such), but you’d be crazy to go without a guide!

    Sure, there are people that opt to do this.. But many of them don’t make it back!

    • loads of people they normaly die before they get to the top

    • Sagarmatha National Park Entrance Fee is $100 per a team , $2,580-$8,000(LGA) to Kathmandu, or $1,700-$5,200 (LAX) to Kathmandu. to climb from the North side (chinese) you’ll need a $4000 permit from the PRC Govenment. To climb Nepal side is far more pricey, these permits run almost $10k, $4k of which goes toward waste disposal.(these prices inclde no services) Oxyen for your entire tem will run about $30,000, a lead guide will runbetwee $25,000-100K depending o how fmous he is.
      •Liaison Officer (ensures that your expedition meets all local regulation requirements) – $3,000
      •Doctor (Some doctors will volunteer their services in exchange for a Himalayan experience.) – $4,000
      •7 Climbing Sherpas – $5,000 each
      •3 – 4 Cooks – $3,500 each
      •3 Helicopter charters from Kathmandu to Lukla – $16,500
      •150 Yaks (transport 120 lbs. of gear each, from Lukla to Basecamp) – $7,500
      •Ritual expenses. (Sherpas perform many rituals along the way, to honor and appease the mountain, which they call Sagarmatha – goddess of the sky. Donations are made to the local monastery; there are daily rituals performed; prayer flags are flown at Base Camp; and finally, a Lama leads a day-long ceremony to mark the beginning of the ascent.) – $300
      •Helicopter evacuation from Base Camp (in case of emergencies) – $5,000

    • i want to climb everest …its my dream .kindly guide me , is there any way to climb without any fee

  8. Hi! How much wld be the cost of my equipments and gears and such? I wanna go alone. I just have to do this.

    • Hi my name is Dennis i’m from bulgaria i.m sorry for my speacking i won to climp everest to and if you won to climp togetter i will be happy to do this with some friend i won to climp next year like 2011 may

  9. ERROR IN THE COMMENTS: A couple of comments have suggested that you can just show up and climb Everest for “free” and go without a guide.

    Although it’s true you can go without a guide, you can’t go without a permit.

    Nepal charges up to $25,000 for a permit.
    China charges less, perhaps $15,000 (I’m not sure).

    Yes, it’s expensive.

    Plus, you’ve got to cover about two months of expenses to live at Base Camp and above, which will add thousands of dollars just in food since you can’t carry 2 months of food + oxygen on your back. So you’ll have to hire a yak and buy food.

    Good luck.

    • Can you fly to the top so not having to have to walk.
      Is there a taxi service to the top
      Will the villages piggy back you up to the top
      Is there a cable car service
      If you are really fit can you do it over a weekend,

  10. i want to climb mt. everest

  11. Long time reader / 1st time poster. Really enjoying reading the blog, keep up the excellent work. Will definitely start posting more in the near future.

  12. I could climb mount everest with no oxygen in a ripped T-shirt. IF you want a REAL challenge – go to everest – climb up to the massive pile of disposed oxygen tanks western travellers have dumped there and destroyed the environment with and bring some of them back for recycling – thats a real quest! actually make a difference to the country and improve it rather than contributing to the polution!!! enjoy!


  14. Hi,I m aman from india.. i desperate to skydive above mount everest.. i do not wish to stay in 4 or 5 star hotels and i dont want to come by flight either.. In short and brief i want to spend as much less as possible.. i just want to know the expenditure and the expences to be incurred on SKYDIVING alone.. rest food, shelter and everything else i want to handle on my own n coz m indian i dont have visa issues.. anybody please help me.. am very desperate for this thing.. its my dream.. i would be gratefull..

  15. I understand the minimum permit now is for 7 climbers? What does this cost? Do you know of a website through which might be able to sell any spare places?

  16. i’m 21 year old so i want climb everest please explain about this

  17. i m nepali citizen. how much does it cost us to climb mt-everest.

  18. I want to climb mt.everest plz tel me the procedure and its qualification and its cost of travel

    • Firstly you need to buy a goat,this is so you have a friend to be with you on those cold nights.
      You will have to have lots of litter so you can leave it at the top.

  19. I would like to climb to the top naked. is this possible? Or should I wear slippers.

  20. Hello I am a chicken from mexico, if i got to the top would i be the first chicken to get there

  21. It has been a dream of mine to touch the summit of the world..I loved adventures since I knew what it is..but as I am a 17 years old guy from a middle class family of Nepal,I can’t afford if any heart is there,so generous to let the dream of a boy come true,please contact me at +9779842391404 or

  22. i want expected cost that really want to know in indian currency please my mail is

  23. i’ve been dreaming about everest for ages and i’m planning to do it once i’m rich and serious, but now, being young, poor but in asia i would like to come close to the mountain, try it, climb a little bit and get back. just to have a taste…

    i’ve met a guy once who said he just went up, and before reaching base camp came back, not paying any money… many of you said that there’s always a permit to pay. is it then? do you think he lied? 😀
    where do you buy the permit, are there any guards letting people ‘up’ the mountain? basically i want to know if i can try myself 😀


  24. this is Srinsth mv , I want do summithing . pls give information, about mt everest, my physical fitnes ok.

  25. I would suggest that those true enthusiasts of conquering the peak first watch NHKs HD one hour documentary of an expedition in May 2011. This provides high quality footage from the south side right to the top and highlights the main hurdles along the way, namely, the ice fall, the Lhotse face, Hilary step.

  26. hi i m from india and we three frnds are really v.intrestd to climb the mt.evst. wud u pls guid me how to join?

  27. Everest is not a hill spot no one can guarantee you will reach the top , it involves little bit luck also , many have died in this endeavour you will not have even a grave, it takes lot of effort , money , risk taking capacity as well commitment to reach top. it is not fun. i hope it remains so

  28. i wnt climb mt.everest ny how ny time m 27 yrs old.m indian

  29. Hi my name is sandeep saini i’m from india i won to climp everest to and if you won to climp togetter i will be happy to do this with some friend i won to climp next year like 2014

  30. I am young and fit, love climbing and free running with flipping I have climbed many staircases ( empire state) and glass house mountains in my home of QLD, can’t wait, have experienced cold climates ! And love to geo cashing of areas!!!!

  31. This is soma barua ! I am from Guwahati (Assam)India ,I want to climb mount everest 2013…so tell me the procedure…I am all ready selected member from north east adventure foundation for mt everest,but some financial reason we didnot climb everest…plz help me and where I have to contact……

  32. Always been a dream since I was 4!!! Now 44 and it’s time to start to plan. No experience but so need to climb the lady!! Any help, advice or contacts would be really helpful. Thank you 🙂

  33. hi im belonging from Haryana i want to know about total expenditure for going to mount everest and what shoud be preparing for go there pl any body call me or mail me if need any traning for ready to go whoes give this pl tell me +919416890976

  34. […] the most expensive sport on the planet except for maybe climbing Mt. Everest (which can cost up to $65 000, in case you were […]

  35. i m india citizen. how much does it cost us to climb mt-everest.

  36. please help me to climb up mount averest

  37. i want to know ,hou much costly everest clibing in 2013. Indian curency. biplab ghosh.west Bengal 07602638808

  38. […] –How Much Does It Cost To Climb Mt. Everest? […]

  39. […] ** see also: –  How Much Does It Cost To Climb Mt. Everest? […]

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