Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /5/ – Week in Review.

They did it! Winter Makalu is no longer virgin and history could be made also on Broad Peak where a summit push has been ongoing this Valentine’s/President Day weekend.

The action packed week also brought the last entries from HumanEdgeTech – with product testimonies from users and a big interview with HET chief Tom.

Makalu history has been made They did it! Italian Simone Moro and Kazakh Denis Urubko summited Makalu in a hard climb at 2 pm local time February 9. Check in at ExWeb for a special story, summit voice calls, pics and video. Lena Laletina from RussianClimb visited with ExWeb in US at the time of the historic summit. All events combined called for multiple shots of “Putinka” vodka and a big party on three sides of Himalaya; also on Broad Peak climbers cheered and toasted for the Makalu success closing the winter firsts in Nepal/Tibet Himalaya.

Broad Peak summit push! News is expected since Saturday from the winter Broad Peak team, currently pushing for the first winter 8000+ meter summit ever achieved in the Karakoram range. According to plans, the climbers hoped to reach the top today, Monday. However, the weather report forecasted a very slim break and uncertain conditions. One Polish report to ExWeb Monday stated that the mountaineers might have turned back after reaching Camp III in a big storm, and their third sleepless night. A Pakistani climber reportedly suffered frostbite and the climb in general was reported as plain hellish.

2009 HumanEdgeTech Everest and Himalaya Special, part 4: reviews of P50 and HEAT In the past three entries of HET’s 2009 tech week, we covered news in satellite comms. But what about the performance of HET products introduced last year, such as the P50 and HEAT? Last week ExWEb posted testimonies from a number of early adapters.

ExWeb interview with expedition tech guru Tom Sjogren, “doing and knowing is what separates us most” Thomas Sjogren drums up little noise about his expeditions yet you would be hard pressed to find anyone with his resume in the adventure tech business. Last week ExWeb ran a popular (and first ever) two-part interview with the low-key tech expert and world-class explorer.

Patagonia: Camilo and Anna’s Aguja Poincenot summit debrief After opening a new variation route on Aguja Guillomet, Colombians Camilo López and Anna Pfaff have now climbed another Patagonian spire: Aguja Poincenot. Check the debrief at ExWeb.

Climbers announcing plans for 2009 The 2009 lists of Himalaya and North Pole expeditions are in the works! Some sneak previews – Portuguese Joao García hopes to turn Manaslu into his 12th 8000er, and SummitClimb outfitter has announced expeditions to Cho Oyu and both sides of Everest.

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