Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up: early birds singing in Kathmandu, official silence on Tibet Uprising day.

(MountEverest.net/Madrid) While most teams are still at home preparing for their upcoming Himalayan expeditions, Portuguese Joao Garcia is already in Kathmandu.joao-hawley-new

As for the 50th anniversary of Tibet’s Uprising, no demostrations have been reported in Tibet or Nepal by official sources, while foreign journalists have restricted access to Tibet and security has been beefed up in both countries’ capitals and along the border.

Joao meets Miss Hawley

Portuguese Joao Garcia is already in Kathmandu, busy sorting out gear and taking care of last-minute details before heading for Manaslu. Yesterday he told Miss Hawley about the expedition plans.

Martin Minarik taking a stand for Tibet

Still home in the Czech Republic, Martin Minarik commemorated Tibet’s National Uprising day by flying a Tibetan flag at his house.minarik-tibet-new Martin will soon leave for Nepal’s  Himalaya, aiming for Annapurna’s south face together with Dodo Kopold.

Jason Maehl: Last-minute reflections

With just a week to go, American Jason Maehl finds hard to justify the fact that he is spending a great deal of money to “just” climb a mountain – Everest. He also reflects on the relative importance of actually reaching the summit, compared to the entire expedition experience.

“In the last two years I’ve been struggling with the justification that it would take me to say, ’Jason, it’s a lot of money, but it in the end it is just money and I’m not a bad person for spending so much to climb a mountain’,” Jason Maehl reflected. “I know I shouldn’t have to keep validating this trip to myself and yet I keep finding myself doing it after hearing people’s remarks.”

“I also have to give myself the daily check up and remind myself that it is just a mountain and that it should be about the whole experience and not just the summit,” Jason added.

“If I do just make it about the summit then two results happen: I don’t make it and I’m left feeling incomplete and unsatisfied. Or I make it and after a few months when the limelight dimmers will I still be satisfied? Did I climb the mountain for the right reason? Will I have to keep seeking out big thrills to satisfy me and keep me going?”

Spanish female Manaslu team: Sierra Nevada training

Lina Quesada and her team mates are training in Southern Spain’s Sierra Nevada range. Ina few weeks time the girls will put their skills to test on Manaslu.

In the News: No Free-Tibet demostrations?

“Tibetan people has experienced hell on Earth,” the Dalai Lama said during a speech yesterday in Dharmsala. Far from his usually peaceful tone, Tibet’s spiritual leader in exile accused China of creating a climate of fear which has led Tibetan’s religion, language and identity to the verge of extinction.  tibetan-kid-new

Meanwhile Chinese premiere Hu Jintao called for a “Great Wall” against Tibetan separatism. Thousands of troops were deployed in Tibet, fearing “acts of sabotage” on the 50th anniversary of Tibet’s uprising.

“Campaign groups have already reported some unrest in areas around Tibet,” BBC reported. “China does not allow foreign journalists unrestricted access to Tibet or restive areas surrounding it, making it extremely difficult to verify these reports.”

In Nepal, local media reported on no demonstrations being staged at all. “Tibetan monks and nuns gathered in Bouddha and other Buddhist shrines to participate in mass prayers to remember those killed in the failed Tibetan uprising in Tibet in 1959,” Nepal News stated.

“A large number of security personnel were deployed around Chinese Embassy and the consular section,” Nepal News added. “The government had also increased surveillance along the Nepal-China border.”

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