Piotr Morawski – Memorial, new video on You Tube.

I would like to invite you to watch one of movie of Everest collection…

Piotr Morawski – Memorial new video on You Tube.

piotr-morawski Born in 1976, he died on Dhaulagiri somewhere over 5500 meters…

* see : –Breaking news: Piotr Morawski lost on Dhaulagiri. Piotr Morawski zginął na Dhaulagiri. /Version english and polish/

He started to climb in 1996, and winter climbing quickly became his passion. The first high mountaineering expedition he took a part in – to Chan Tengri (6995 metres), a mountain on the border between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan – was organized by the Warsaw Mountaineering Club in 2001. Yet his career in the highest mountains began with a winter K2 (8611 metres) expedition in 2002/2003. He went there as a greenhorn, but did well setting up Camp IV at 7650 metres with Denis Urubko. So far it is the highest point ever reached in winter on that second highest mountain in the world.

Author : Ninndoc – 11 IV 2009

He has said on You Tube :

Piotr Morawski 1976 – 2009 Fuckin’ cool guy and nice polish mountaineer, traveler and explorer.
Short video with pictures of Piotr and music.
Most of pictures are from site of Piotr

music by Tim Finn – Winter light

* photo by – http://www.piotrmorawski.com/

(This memorial is a little bit sad…soon, in future I will delete this video so, watch, make reflect etc )

* Source : – http://www.youtube.com/

** all my post, select category : Piotr Morawski

* zapraszam na relacje z wypraw polskich himalaistów.

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