TOPR – Dhaulagiri Expedition 2009, Himalaya wrap-up: over on Dhaulagiri.

Polish Himalaya Expeditions 2009.

Polish Tatra Rescuers Expedition 100 years of TOPR .baner_topr-dhaulagiri

TOPR – Dhaulagiri Expedition 2009 led by Ryszard Gajewski (Manaslu -8156 m n.p.m. – first winter summit), the team : Andrzej Mikler, Edward Lichota, Grzegorz Bargiel, Maciej Pawlikowski, Roman Mazik, Tomasz Witkowski.


The team wants to climb Dhaulagiri [8167] by normal route and north-west wall [by japanese route].

dhaulagiri-wielicki-new* red – normal route ; * green – Japanese route.

Accomplishment time:

23.03.2009 – 14.05.2009

Description of the expedition:

blogtopr The team wants to climb the mountain by normal route and north-west wall [by japanese route].
Dhaulagiri (8,167 metres -26,795 ft)  can be translated as “White Mountain” and is situated in the western part of Kali Gandaki valley, about 33 kilometres from neighbouring Annapurna.  It is the seventh highest mountain in the world, first climbed in 1960 by Kurt Diemberger, Ernst Forrer, Albin Schabert and sherps: Nim Dorjee and Nawang Dorjee.

# 1985 A Polish expedition including the famed Jerzy Kukuczka climbs Dhaulagiri, via the standard route, in winter – first winter summit: they reach the summit on January 21.
# 1986 A mostly Polish expedition puts up the second South Face route, on the left side of the face, connecting with the Southwest Ridge route. They go above 7500 m but do not reach the summit.

Himalaya wrap-up: over on Dhaulagiri.

2009, May 02.

Dhaulagiri – it’s over

Expedition member Tomasz Witkowski writes today on the Dhaulagiri – TOPR website that forecasts show no chance of a window before May 14, the end of  accomplishment time. They organizing porters and BC is packed up.

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** zapraszam na relacje z wypraw polskich himalaistów.

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