Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up : Breaking news – Everest summits!

03:00 am CDT May 06, 2009
(MountEverest.net/Madrid) A group of Sherpas fixing up the route from C4 on Everest’s South side everest-as-seen-from-c4-newachieved the first Everest summits this season yesterday. British David Tait may have topped-out as well, according to team mates.

Names and summit times are yet to be confirmed, while several teams have posted partial reports.

Expeditions’ summit reports

“Yesterday (May 5) we got a radio call from our own Thapkee Sherpa (Lakpa’s brother) as he stood on the summit of Mt. Everest,” Alpine Ascents reported earlier today. “He was part of a team of sherpas putting in fixed lines above the South Col. Things were going well and they were able to continue all the way to the top. We received his radio call at about 12:30pm as they were starting on their way down.”

“IMG sherpa Mingma Tenzing was first on top of Everest for 2009 at 12:25pm, May 5,” IMG reported. “Panuru (IMG), Kami Rita (AAI), Dorje and Nima Tsering (Himex) were a few minutes behind him. They had left the Col at 2:15am. After their climb, they descended to the Col, took down their tent, then descended to Camp 2.”

“David Tait, along with the sherpa team of Phurba Tashi, Dorjee Sherpa and Nima Sherpa have reached the summit of Everest,” Adrian Ballinger wrote. Billie Bierling confirmed the facts as well. A first hand report from Tait himself is expected soon.

Early birds

Great weather conditions this year have permitted a very fast progress on the route and, eventually, such early summit dates. In spring 2008, the first Everest summiteers were also a group of Sherpas working on the route – they topped-out on May 20th though.

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