Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up : Kangchenjunga – Everybody in C3.

May 15, 2009 (MountEverest.net) “It was hot during the morning and we had to break trail all the way kangch Edurne on Kangchenjunga Newfrom C2, but we reached C3 at 12:30, local time,” Edurne told ExWeb over the sat-phone earlier today. “Everybody is here: Mi Sun Go’s Korean team; Spaniards Alberto Zerain, Patxi Goñi, Koke Lasa, Juanjo Garra; Polish Kinga Baranovska; Norwegian Jon Gangdal; a Dutch climber (don´t know his name), and Italian Nives & Romano.”

“Everything goes according to plans: Tomorrow we’ll pitch four tents at 7,800 meters as C4. We’ll rest for some hours there, before going out for the summit around midnight.”

“Forecasts show wind blowing up on Sunday, our planned summit day, but it seems to be hitting from the NE. Since we’re climbing on the mountain’s south side, we’ll be sheltered from it until we reach the upper slopes.”

Baranowska Kangch_2009 10.05 Our team in Bace CampKinga Baranowska and team -Kangchenjunga Expedition 2009.

Italian Manuel Lugli confirmed to ExWeb in an email this morning:

“Nives Meroi and Romano Benet set off yesterday from BC for their summit bid on Kanchenjunga. As always following their style: no oxygen, no Sherpas, all the stuff for high camps packed on their shoulders.” (The climbers have no previous set high camps).

“In light of more and more ascents made along normal routes, supported by every technological and human help, it is worth remembering there are mountaineers who still climb by fair means.”

“Today the Italian climbers should reach 7.200 meters and then attempt the summit, if weather allows, in the next two days.” Manuel also noted that the climbers will try to be back by May 18th, when the jet stream has been forecasted to enter the Kangchenjunga area.

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