Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up : Climbers are leaving south side Everest BC.

(MountEverest.net) Climbers are leaving south side BC in a hurry – only the LET Kazakh team remains up on Lhotse.  Everest BC packing New

Climbers are heading up on the north side, hoping to reach the summit between tomorrow and Thursday. Meanwhile, Norwegian Jarle Traa has been evacuated from BC.

Everest South side: season closed

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Everest season end so early or so abruptly,” First ascent’s Dave Hahn reported yesterday. “It began snowing hard at BC at around 6 AM and that has continued without pause for the entire day.”

“BC is being deserted and in those camps where are still some climbers, packing takes major action,” Finnish Airborne Rangers wrote on Saturday. They planned to walk down to Pheriche on the following morning.

Everest basecamp Everest BC covered in snow yesterday. Image courtesy of First Ascent’s – website

Several teams reported through the weekend on helicopter flights being delayed or cancelled due to bad weather. Some climbers hoping to be airlifted are waiting for better conditions, while others have chosen to walk back to Lukla.

Everest North side: Jarle evacuated – teams on summit push

Norwegian climber Jarle Traa was evacuated by jeep from BC (5,200m). NRK news agency reports the climber reached the Nepali border earlier today, in order to board an ambulance which will take him to hospital in Kathmandu. According to reports, Traa summited Everest w/o O2 from its north side on Friday, and suffered frostbite on descent.

Dragan Jacimovic’s Serbian team and Gabriel Filippi, from Quebec, prepare to launch a summit push: “A few days of good weather are expected on May 27th,” the Serbian home team reported on Friday. “All climbers feel well and cannot wait for the summit day.”

“Gabriel is on his way to C2 on a final summit push,” Filippi’s team stated yesterday. “He will attempt to reach the top of the world on May 28th.

Update on records and casualties

Bill Burke of Cost Mesa, Calif., who summited from the South side on Thursday, became the oldest American Everest summiteer at 67. Eddy Dawes, 66, of Spokane, topped-out two days before. Bill was member in Asian Trekking’s group, while Eddy climbed with IMG.

On Friday, Alpine Ascents’ member Kay LeClaire, 60, of Spokane, became the oldest U.S. woman to climb the peak. Incredibly enough Lori Schneider 52, of Wisconsin, summited Everest with multiple sclerosis.

Casualties on Everest last week, now confirmed, are German (Calgary resident) Frank Ziebarth, 29, who perished after summiting Everest w/o O2 via the South side on May 21st; and Czech Veslav Chrzaszcz, who passed during the night at the North Col on May 18th, probably due to a heart attack.

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  1. Maybe you’d be interested in posting a travel journal with a map and some more photos? It’s such an exciting place to visit, such a shame you’re not posting more photos! Also check out another trip to the Might Himalayas my friend took – http://mapvivo.com/journey/7464#5. A MapVivo travel journal can also be customized to your needs and embedded in a blog. Best of luck to you!

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