Outdoorzy Launches The Outpost Blog.

Outdoorzy, the online community for outdoor enthusiasts, has launched a new blog called The Outpost outpost logo_250that continues their tradition of great gear reports and other news, but wraps it up in an attractive and easy to navigate package.

There is already plenty of good content on the The Outpost, including a review of the Travel Hammock, which gets a thumbs up, an alert on a great deal on some sleeping bags, and an interview with adventure racing queen Robyn Benincasa, one of the top athletes in the sport, male or female.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Outpost also serves as a nice portal to other content on Outdoorzy, including the top read posts in the forums, links to recent blog posts, and a nice blogroll of the “Friends of the Outpost”, which I’m proud to be ranked among. All in all, it’s a great facelift to an already excellent blog, and it only enhances the other features at Outdoorzy.

Speaking of which, if you aren’t already a member of the community, I’d highly suggest you get with the times and join in on the fun. It’s a great place to meet other outdoor adventurers, share stories of your trips, and get reviews on great gear. It is free to join, and well worth the time. The site is also run by a great group of people who are focused and have an active presence with in the community, making it even more rewarding.

* Source : – http://theadventureblog.blogspot.com/


** zapraszam na relacje z wypraw polskich himalaistów.

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zapraszam do subskrypcji mego bloga


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  1. I think your site was so great and it is really awesome..Of course it really impress me a lot..

    Good job dude and i hope you can keep it up..

    Good blogging !!

  2. Excellent site, keep up the good work

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