Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /22/ – Week in Review.

Flights cancelled due to bad weather and mounting waiting lists forced Karakoram-bound teams to hit the bumpy and exposed KKH for a 25 hour ride to Skardu; at times with police escort.

Climbers reported high security also in Islamabad due to recent bomb attacks. The weather is another issue, snow packed peaks are reported by mountaineers high and low: Following a hard, week-long attempt in heavy snowfall, the French climbers aborted their Broad Peak summit push last weekend.

In other news; Mick Parker died unexpectedly following his Makalu summit, and Wade Johnson’s remains have been found. On the Arctic Ocean; the recent North Pole to Greenland expedition brought out another set of pioneers – and AdventureStats.

Mick Parker found dead in Kathmandu He summited Makalu (his 5th 8,000er without 02) on May 21st; on June 4th Australian Mick Parker (36) was found dead in his hotel in Kathmandu. The results of the post-mortem indicate his death was a combination of exhaustion, lingering effects of HAPE and alcohol, Mick’s British climbing partner Roland Hunter told ExWeb.

Wade Johnson’s remains found on E Gongga A second body was found in avalanche debris on China’s E Gongga last week – it was identified as Wade Johnson, 24, of Boulder, CO.

Don Bowie, Bruce Normand, Guy McKinnon, William (Billy) Pierson and David Fält reached BC on June 4th. Bruce, Guy, Billy and Don are currently out on a five day-attempt to reach the col between Gasherbrum 3 and 4. Following GIII, the climbers also hope to give GIV a try. “The glacier is blanketed by fresh snows which have accumulated almost daily since we arrived a week ago,” Don reported end last week, worried about the hidden crevasses underfoot.

Serap Jangbu Sherpa’s 14x8000ers With 11, 8000+meter summits bagged and hoping to become the first Sherpa 14x8000er summiteer; Serap Jangbu Sherpa is headed for Broad Peak and GI. Should he succeed, he would have only Nanga Parbat to go – a goal he plans to attempt in 2010, he told ExWeb’s Karrar Haidri in Islamabad.

Joao’s plan Portuguese Joao Garcia hopes to turn Nanga Parbat – which he attempted already in 1996 – into his 13th 8000er. Teaming up with Pakistani Amin Ulla, his K2 mate two years ago, “we’re climbing buddies, no more,” Joao told ExWeb. “We are each carrying our own gear and Amin makes his own climbing decisions.” Sleeping in an altitude tent during his brief visit home in Portugal since Manaslu, Joao hopes for shorter exposure on Nanga Parbat. “I just need to climb to C2 (6,000m) once, and then I’ll be ready to attempt the top,” he said.

Castagna and Casarotto for BP+GI double header Italian climbers Cristina Castagna and Giampaolo Casarotto are headed for Broad Peak and GI.

Simone and Denis win the Eiger Award The prestigious Eiger award went this year to Winter Makalu summiteers Italian Simone Moro and Kazakh Denis Urubko.

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