The Rest of Everest: Everest Trek 2009 Teaser.

Fans of The Rest of Everest have had to wait awhile between episodes thanks to podcast creator Jon Rest-of-Everest LogoMiller going off to Nepal, along with Chris Marquardt of Tips From the Top Floor fame, to trek to Everest Base Camp along with 10 very lucky other people. Along the way, Jon and Chris conducted videography and photography workshops as they hiked through the Himalaya.

I was really hoping to go on this trip, but do to some scheduling issues, I wasn’t able to make it, but fortunately for all of us, Jon has done his usual great job of capturing the entire experience on video, and in the weeks ahead, he’ll be sharing the entire trekking experience with us. In these episodes, we’ll actually get the great indicator of what it’s like to trek to Everest BC on the South Side in Nepal.

In preparation for this series of videos to begin soon, Jon has put together a teaser video of what we can expect. Now, in movie terms, a teaser is generally a very short video that only gives you a small taste of what is to come in the full product. But no one ever accuses Jon of not giving us our moneys worth. This “teaser” is more than 38 minutes in length, and it really sets the mood of the trip, beginning in Kathmandu, heading off to Lukla, and eventually trekking up the Khumbu Valley in the shadow of some of the biggest mountains on the planet.

I have a feeling after watching these videos, I’ll be even more ready to visit Nepal and the Everest region.

You can check out the video for yourself by downloading it directly from the Rest of Everest website or you can find it in iTunes as well. Great stuff. More to come soon, and I can’t wait.

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