Joint Pakistan-Danish Spantik Expedition 2009.

Dear friends,

I am delighted to tell you that I am Leading a Joint Expedition – Joint Pakistan-Danish Spantik(7027m) Expedition,2009.

Joint Pakistan-Danish Spantik Expedition 2009

The KARAKORUM EXPEDITION’S & TOURS has organized this new and unique expedition, in which the frist pakistani women is going over 7000m peak. We arrived here in Skardu on 30th of June, having a long Karakorum High way drive. The team is comprises on Three members, two pakistani’s and a Dane. Mirza Ali climber New

The team has the honor to have the first pakistani women to go over 7000m. Saadia Sharjeel is going to break the myths and barriers..the team has 30days for climbing, excluding travelling. I would be greatful if you all wish us for Luck!

You are welcome to plan your next adventure with Karakroum Expedition & Tours.
Please visit our website,

I will definetly miss my great great Dutch friends, Marcel, ARjen,Marleen and Friso, with whom i had a wonderful time on Spantik and Sonia peak in 2005.
Arjen and Marleen, hug to your new born son’s!

regards and good wishes
Mirza Ali
Expedition Leader,

Cell # 0313 9992210

Ph # 92-51-5384825

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** Previous story  : – First Pakistani Women Expedition – you can help.

Joint Pakistan-Danish Spantik Expedition 2009 2

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  1. Great massive good luck, Himalman. Wonderful mission.

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