Everest Autographs – British Mount Everest Expedition Card.

Those who know me will no that I have decided to sell most of my Mount Everest related autographs. Why? I want to just concentrate on building up my collection of first edition mountaineering books.

Today, Sunday 17th May I have put some great items on Ebay Auctions for sale. Items like a 1972 British Mount Everest Expedition Card signed by ALL members, Chris Bonington, James Roberts, Dave Bathgate, Mick Burke, Nick Estcourt, Dougal Haston, Kelvin Kent, Hamish MacInnes, Doug Scott, Barney Rosedale and Graham Tiso as shown below.
Everest autogAlso a RARE 1975 BBC British Mount Everest Expedition Card signed by Sherpa Pertember, Sherpa Arg Phu, Adrian Gordon, Charles Clarke, Doug Scott, Dave Clarke, Chris Bonington, Allen Fyffe, Mike Rhodes, Paul Braithwaite, Hamish MacInnes, Jim Duff plus one other I cant make out as shown below.
Everest Autographs 2You have to admit that you don’t see these every day and for a collector they are getting hard to find. I have also listed some Stamp Covers that have been signed by SEVEN of the 1953 British Everest Expedition team. Although I have kept some of these back for myself for a rainy day!

Please have a look, some items have a low start price and you might end up getting a bargain!

Check out my Ebay sales

* Source :  – http://everest1953.blogspot.com/2009/05/everest-autographs.html

** take a look at my photo gallery which pictures the story of the discovery and climbing the Mt. Everest :

discovery and climbing Everest.



** zapraszam na relacje z wypraw polskich himalaistów.

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  1. Can I be bold and ask what you got for the 1972 signed card? I have one and am interested in value? Many thanks

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