AAC Book Club meeting: Next One is August 11th.

The book club had another great meeting discussing Jennifer Lowe-Anker’s Forget Me Not. The meeting was capped with a telephone conference call with Jennifer.  She is an amazing person who opened her heart and her family in Forget Me Not and was equally open on the telephone call. Forget Me Not is a remarkable book.  Thanks are due to Jennifer as well as to Sherry Richardson for arranging the conference call.  This is the second time that a special guest has participated in book club – you never know who might show up next!

Next month’s meeting will be August 11th when we’ll be discussing The Price of Conquest by Lino Lacedelli, Giovanni Cenacchi, and Mark Worthington. The Price of Conquest.1

(If you are interested in “renting” rather than buying the book, the AAC Library has three copies available.)

This book covers the events of the first ascent of K2 by an Italian team in 1954. This ascent was remarkable in how it was accomplished and the litigation and acrimony that has followed the ascent to this day.

Other books about the ascent include:

Ascent of K2 Second Highest Peak in the World by Ardito Desio. 1955

The Mountains of My Life by Walter Bonatti, ISBN 0-375-75640-X. 2001

Other great books about K2 include

  • In the Throne of the Mountain Gods by Galen Rowell, ISBN 0-87156-764-4, 1986
  • K2, Mountain of Mountains by R. Messner and A. Gogna, ISBN 0195202538.
  • 1982
  • K2, Triumph and Tragedy by Jim Curran, ISBN 0-395-48590-8. 1987
  • The Endless Knot: K2, Mountain of Dreams and Destiny by Kurt Diemberger, ISBN 0-89886-300-7. 1991
  • K2. Challenging the sky by Roberto Mantovani and Kurt Diemberger. Smithmark Publishers, New York 1995, ISBN 0-8317-1072-1
  • Eiger Dreams: Ventures Among Men and Mountains by Jon Krakauer ISBN 0-385-48818-1. 1997
  • The Last Step: The American Ascent of K2 by Rick Ridgeway, ISBN 0-89886-632-4. 1999
  • K2, The Story of the Savage Mountain by Jim Curran, ISBN 0-89886-683-9. 2000
  • K2, The Savage Mountain by Charles Houston, ISBN 1-885283-01-6. 2000
  • K2, Quest of the Gods: The Great Pyramid in the Himalaya by Ralph Ellis, ISBN 0-932813-99-2. 2001
  • K2: One Woman’s Quest for the Summit by Heidi Howkins, ISBN 0-7922-7996-4. 2001
  • K2 Kahani by Mustansar Hussain Tarrad, in Urdu. ISBN 9693505239. 2002
  • Savage Summit: The True Stories of the First Five Women Who Climbed K2 by Jennifer Jordan, ISBN 0-06-058715-6. 2005

The September 8th meeting we’ll discuss Mountains of the Mind: Adventures in Reaching the Summit by Robert Macfarlane

October 13th: The Fall: A Novel (Paperback) by Simon Mower

Everyone is welcome, even if you are not finished (or even started) reading the book.

* Source : – The Blog of The American Alpine Club Library

** Previous story : – Books.


** zapraszam na relacje z wypraw polskich himalaistów.

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