Women’s Hiking Boots – Hiking Lady tip.

Boots are the most important purchase you’ll make, because they will determine how happy your feet are on the trail. Are you tired of getting blisters even though your boots are broken in? There are solutions!

Women’s Hiking Boots

There are several different types of hiking and backpacking boots, and they vary based on your intended use. What is important in all purchases is to get the right fit.

* Trail running: For trail running, there are many options of low tops
* Day hikes:
* Backpacking:
* Snow travel:
* Mountaineering:

Hiking Socks and Liners:

A lot more info coming soon!

Hiking Lady tip:  If you ever backpack in cold conditions (when the temperate drops to 50°F or below at night – which will happen on most backpacking trips!), buy yourself a pair of down booties. Your feet will be thanking you!  Down booties are super lightweight slippers that are filled with goose down, so they are (i) light enough to carry in your pack that you won’t notice they’re there, (ii) can pack down to a really small volume because they are goose down, which compresses easily, and (iii) offer loads of warmth!

Since women’s feet and hands are always colder than men’s, your male friends may forget to tell you how important down booties are for backpacking.  When you have to make a bathroom stop in the middle of the night, you won’t have to struggle anymore to put on your socks and heavy hiking boots.  Just slip on the down booties and you’re ready!

You should be able to find a pair for about $20-30, or even less if you can buy them in the summer or when they’re on sale.

Here are some to choose from:

Sierra Designs Women’s Down Booties

Sierra Designs Women’s Down Booties (Fall 06) This style is a couple of years old but does it really matter for down booties? Great price!

* Source : – http://hikinglady.com/the-gear/boots/

* Previous story  : –  Equipment

Mountaineering Boots – Vasque M-Finity. /Version english and polish/

Mountaineering Boots – Vasque Ice 9000.

La Sportiva Batura Boots: Comfort and Performance.


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