Karakoram Summer 2009 expeditions wrap-up : K2 over, climbers lost around the world.

(K2Climb.net/MountEverest.net) ExplorersWeb is undergoing a major overhaul, but here go some of the main headlines from the past weekend, with several more updates to be posted tomorrow.

K2 is over and few attempts are ongoing on the remaining peaks. There’s no further news from the situation on Latok 1 at this point.
Unfortunately, the mountaineering world lost three prominent climbers through the weekend.

American Climbing editor killed

Climbing Mag Editor Craig Luebben, 49, was killed by falling ice on Mount Torment in Washington’s Cascades craig luebbenAugust 9, 2009.

The Fort Collins/Denver, Colo, mountain guide was climbing with Willie Benegas in preps for an Alpine Guide certification. Willie has reportedly been airlifted from the area with injuries.

The accident happened early Sunday morning on Mount Torment in the North Cascades, near Marblemount.

Kelly Bush, the district ranger with North Cascades National Park search and rescue, said the two climbers had crossed the upper part of the Taboo Glacier, with Luebben leading. A chunk of ice fell beneath him and he fell about 40 feet into the moat, hanging from his rope and suffering massive trauma.

Luebben was still alive when Benegas was able to climb down to him, move him to a ledge and call 911 for rescue. But Luebben died before he could be rescued, said Bush, adding that neither climber did anything wrong in their ascent. “This kind of thing is inherent in mountaineering,” she said. “These men were highly skilled, on top of their game. Some of the elite of mountain climbing.”

Luebben lived in Colorado and was a well-known climber, writer, photographer and teacher, said Simon Fryer, with Colorado Mountain School.

According to his Web site, Luebben climbed all over the world and made first ascents on rocks in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, West Virginia, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and other climbing locations. He also wrote seven books on climbing.

Craig was well liked and respected as a climber, guide, author, friend, and family man.

He will be missed by his wife Silvia and daughter Giulia Maria.

My heartfelt condolences go out to them. Craig, rest in peace.

* Craig Luebben – Home Page

Andrzej Marciniak found dead in Tatras

Polish climber Andrzej Marciniak was reportedly found dead in Tatras on Friday, August 7. Andrzej summited Everest in 1989 (May 24) as member in the expedition that killed five fellow Polish climbers.

Andrzej Marciniak na wierzchołku Everestu

* see : – Andrzej Marciniak zdobywca Everestu zginął w Tatrach.

–   Everest za cenę życia – Mount Everest Expedition 1989. Biggest tragedy of Polish climbers.

Riccardo Cassin – died at age 100

Italian legend Riccardo Cassin died near Lecco on Thursday, August 6. Part of Ragni di Lecco (the Lecco Spiders), Cassin made many legendary climbs in the Dolomites and around the world, fought in WWII and set up shop with his own climbing gear. In 1961 at age 52, Riccardo became the first to summit Denali via the Cassin Ridge, and he continued to climb well into his 80s.

Read more details in articles posted in the links section below.

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