High Altitude Food – climbing food.

Climbing Mount Everest is an immense physical challenge. You have to be physically and mentally prepared. You body will deteriorate with every step higher you make. You can help yourself by eating and drinking as much as you can while climbing, but that is easier said than done.

Whilst high up on the slopes of Mount Everest food can become less palatable, you usually end up trying to force yourself to eat something that you don’t really want or have the energy to do so. Climbing high on any mountain researchers have estimated that a climber can burn up to 6000 calories per day, more calories than you can replace at the time.

Weight loss at altitude is common, nearly ever climber who has been on a high altitude mountain will say that they have lost some weight, some quite a lot.

The higher you go eating and drinking really does become a chore.

Lee Farmer with some of the clothing and equipment required for high altitudes1
British climber Lee Farmer said that when he was high on Mount Everest during his expedition in 2008 he enjoyed eating the following snacks that were easy to get down:

Haribo Starmix
Torq Gels
Kendal mint cake

Other foods that you could snack on are:

Peanut butter
Tinned ham
Hot chocolate powder
Instant rice/pasta/casseroles/macaroni-cheese meals
Mashed potatoes
Energy bars

All the above foods have the right type of nutrients needed to help your body recover and prepare for the day ahead and therefore ideal for on the mountain.

Lee stated that he hated Spam and had a problem keeping nuts down.

The foods Lee craved for and could not get during his time on Mount Everest were:

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Before you go to any high altitude mountain it is a good idea to try out different foods beforehand, there is know point packing something you have never tried before, there is a high chance that you will not like it.

Down at Base Camp fresh food is usually found everywhere. Locals will bring in foods such as potatoes, eggs, bread, vegetables etc on a daily basis. You should try and make the most of this food to compensate for not eating properly higher up the mountain.

* Source : – http://www.everest1953.blogspot.com/

** take a look at my photo gallery which pictures the story of the discovery and climbing the Mt. Everest :

discovery and climbing Everest.




** zapraszam na relacje z wypraw polskich himalaistów.

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