Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /29/ – Week in Review.

They say that for a happy life we should dance as if nobody is watching and sing as if no one were listening. It took almost losing her husband for Nives Meroi to realize that that’s exactly how she wants to climb.

Last week was packed with other interesting stories; what is a success? And what are the age boundaries – is 13 years too young, and 53 too old?

A preliminary Karakoram summer 2009 8000+ summits report showed 35 summits this season, compared to 93 last year. Incredible pictures illustrated a Nanga Parbat new line debrief.

Also, what’s up with the weather: warming oceans reported Greenpeace; “the space around us is shrinking” said crew on Fiona (NW passage). Good news: “Hunters here say that seal numbers are increasing and so are the polar bears,” reported Antony Jinman from Baffin Island.

ExWeb Interview with Nives Meroi: “Romano comes first, whatever happens” True love is the strangest thing; to some unique adventure couples, it’s “both of us – or none of us.” This past spring, Italian Nives Meroi gave up the summit of Kangchenjunga to help down altitude sick husband Romano Benet. With that she lost her rank on the female 14x8000ers list – but as it turned out – possibly saved Romano’s life.” In her interview with ExWeb, Nives said the chain of events helped her realize what is really important in life.

Season’s end preliminary 2009 Karakoram climbing report A preliminary Karakoram summer 2009 8000+ summits report compiled by ExWeb’s contributor Rodrigo Granzotto Peron for AdventureStats showed very few summits on G2 and K2, and zero summits on Broad Peak. Fewer climbers, bad climbing conditions – but also an improved watch of true summits all contributed to the resulting 35 summits this season, compared to 93 in 2008. And on only 35 summits, we lost 5 mountaineers on the Karakoram 8000ers.

Jorge Egocheaga: “I stopped 12 meters from K2’s highest point” Barely a day after we published the preliminary list of summits in Karakoram; another victory has to be scrubbed from the already bleak results. The announcement of Jorge Egocheaga’s July 19th K2 summit was soon followed by contradictory reports. Climbers in BC who at first confirmed the achievement corrected their statements, while friends and climbing mates rallied around him. In the end, the essential testimony missing was that of Jorge Egocheaga himself. ExplorersWeb finally managed to speak to him personally.

Gerfried Göschl’s Nanga Parbat new line debrief: “our emotions are still very mixed” Success arrived after years of tenacious planning and the pictures say it all: a frightening couloir, a vertical ice wall – the small group of friends survived and triumphed a partial new line on Nanga Parbat in a season when even summits on the normal routes were scarce. Yet the flaming sword of victory was double-edged. “Our accomplishment is almost completely wiped out by Wolfgang’s death,” Gerfried told ExplorersWeb in an following interview made shortly after his K2 attempt.

Basques gearing up: Iñurrategi for Everest Hornbein, Juanito’s 14x8000ers repeat, Edurne to Shisha Among Spanish climbers, those from the Basque country are considered a special breed – for a reason. In spite of having completed the 14x8000ers list Juan “Juanito” Oiarzabal and Alberto Iñurrategui are back for more. “I’m not going to retire – and neither is anyone going to make me,” Juanito put down. Meanwhile Edurne Pasaban is hoping to turn Shisha Pangma into her 13th 8000+ meters summit in September. ExWeb caught up with the climbers – check the latest report.

Tarka L’Herpiniere and Katie-Jane Cooper to cross the Southern Patagonia Icecap Frenchman Tarka L’Herpiniere and Briton Katie-Jane Cooper have arrived in Chile on their way to do a crossing of the full length of the Southern Patagonia Icecap. They plan no resupplies and no kite support and plan to complete the expedition in 37 days.

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