Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /31/ – Week in Review.

In addition to regular news, the past week sported several interviews, including one with FTA’s Latok rescue team.

A tech month is brewing; expect the latest on satellites, word from Antarctica’s check point, and cool gear such as personal high altitude surveillance planes (speaking of which, an interview with Simone Moro is in the pipe).

And while we wait for the real climbing action, next week ExWeb’s 4-part Space series is scheduled to go up.

HumanEdgeTech review: Iridium 9555 Last December Iridium introduced its latest satellite phone, Iridium 9555, considerably lighter and smaller than the previous three models. But should you get it? Depends – check the review from HumanEdgeTech.

Makalu West Pillar: Ueli Steck reached 6700 meters on Makalu’s West pillar on September 4, to study the pillar close up. The route looks very difficult, he reported, with steep rock and ice climbing over 7500 meters.

Everest: Alberto Iñurrategi, Mikel Zabalza and Juan Vallejo reached Everest’s Chinese BC in just three days after leaving KTM. The climbers had been training in hypobaric chambers to improve their acclimatization. “Surprisingly, it worked,” they reported. “We managed to skip long stays in nasty places such as Nyalam and Tingri.”

Chinese police is searching expeditions gear at the border, climbers reported. A Belgian mountaineer was reportedly kicked out after officers found a “Free-Tibet” flag among his personal equipment.

Annapurna: Pasang Lama will climb Annapurna with The Flying Jump/Kolon Sport team from Korea, led by Kim Jae Soo. Mountain Fund’s Ester Speggiorin reported that this is Pasang’s first time climbing with Kim since the K2 tragedy of 2008. Pasang Lama climbs in honor of his cousins Pasang Bhote and Jumik Bhote, who died on K2, the other members of the Korean team lost on K2 and especially Go Mi Sun, recently lost on Nanga Parbat.

Manaslu: The Chilean Manaslu expedition members are back in Samagaon village after leaving a first gear cache in BC.

Shisha Pangma: Andrew Lock hopes to hit ABC around the 16th of September. Spaniards Pauner and Oiarzabal, also aiming for Shisha’s normal route, are already in BC. Edurne Pasaban planned to leave for Tibet on Friday.

Edurne Pasaban: “I’m not going to push my luck at the end” “I’m not attempting a double header,” Edurne said before leaving Madrid on Monday. “After 11 years of Himalayan climbing…I’d rather end up second, third or whatever… as long as I live to complete the 14x8000ers.” Commenting the race, “I think Miss Oh will summit Annapurna and become the first female to summit the 14x8000ers – that’s how things are,” Edurne said.

Cho Oyu “A total of 8 other groups have rolled into ABC so far and several more are at Base Camp,” IMG reported.

Martin Liska’s images from G1 BC Arian Lemal’s recent trash report sure made waves. One after the other, climbers confessed to Arian that they too have dumped trash at times. Modern technology brings the heat up even more. Climbers with cameras now document sad remnants of expeditions and short of making citizen’s arrests; at least turn the evidence in for public embarrassment. Last week the Czech Gasherbrum I expedition provided pics that Miss Oh definitely needs to discuss with her Sherpa and outfitting team.

ExWeb interview with Latok II rescuer Dave Ohlson, “deciding to help was automatic” When Spanish climber Oscar Perez was stuck above 6500 meters on Latok FTA responded to the call for help. With Chris and Fabrizio currently leading climbing teams in the Himalayas and China, ExWeb caught up with Dave Ohlson for more details on the recent Latok rescue attempt.

Patagonia update Tarka L’Herpiniere and Katie-Jane Cooper are out of the crevasses of Jorge Montt and on the not so flat plateau.

More Patagonia Germans Georg Sichelschmidt and Olaf Rieck will be attempting a Southern Patagonia Icecap kite skiing expedition from Jorge Montt to Paso del Viento, and finish at Mount Fitz Roy.

Sahara kite buggies finished their journey through landmines and in rain Geoff Wilson, Garth Freeman, Steve Gurney and Craig Hansen finished their kite-buggy expedition across the Sahara from Morocco to Senegal hammered with heavy rain, which caused them to stop short of their target, Dakar.

Roz Savage Pacific Ocean row After departing from Hawaii Roz has arrived the island group Kiribati.

ExWeb interview with Elin Haf Davies Recently Elin rowed as a team of four girls across the Indian Ocean from Australia to Mauritius. ExWeb’s Correne Coetzer spoke to Elin about the record breaking row.

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