Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /38/ – Week in Review.

Last week was all about expedition power and Himalaya stats, rounded off by a Halloween Everest special!

HumanEdgeTech special: expedition power Attempts to generate power have been imaginative among explorers and the military. Last week ExWeb ran a 2-part series featuring some of them, plus the latest and the most efficient. Read all about walk-and-charge, the crank, Solio, generators and more!

StatCrunch: 8000er mountaineers with 6 summits or more Following his Himalaya and Pakistan wraps, ExWeb’s regular stats contributor Rodrigo Granzotto Peron has updated the list of 14, 8000er mountaineers with 6 summits or more.

Haunted Everest and spooky footprints “I wonder if I could maybe try to write a ghost story for Halloween,” proposed our mountain editor, with a caution: “Problem is the scariest stories on Everest are true.” Check ExWeb’s Halloween story for some of the lighter tales fit for the weekend’s events.

Slovenian Bhagirathi jackpot: 3 climbers, 3 summits, 3 routes: Piolet d’Or winner Marko Prezelj with fellow Slovenians Rok Blagus and Luka Lindic opened three new big wall routes on Garhwal Himalaya’s Bhagirati massif last month.

Borge Ousland enroute to the Northern Patagonia Ice Cap Norwegian polar explorer Borge Ousland who previously attempted the Southern Patagonia Ice Cap with Thomas Ulrich is on his way to the Northern Ice Cap. Borge told ExWeb he will be joined by friends Thorleif Nokleby and Bengt Rotmo.

Southern Patagonia Ice Cap update: “Nothing is predictable” Olaf Rieck and Georg Sichelschmidt arrived on the Southern Patagonia Ice Cap plateau after spending days on the “ramp” in white-outs.

Steppe by Steppe update: During their travels in Tajikistan Roger Chao and Megan Kerr said they learned how much importance is placed on religion in these societies, and how hard it can be for someone who chooses to not follow the norm. Due to a misunderstanding the two were deported out of Uzbekistan.

The Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 preview The Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 starts 6 December. Dave Brooks aims to row the Atlantic and then continue across the Pacific Ocean to Australia, a distance of reportedly 13,000 miles. Tom Lee and Roger Haines who’s Indian Ocean Race was cut short after Roger injured himself will be giving it another try.

Pedal around Vancouver Island: Greg Kolodziejzyk and Jordan Hanssen saw each other for the first time last week. Jordan turned out a 6 ft 5 giant, didn’t fit into the seat and found the pedals too close.

Laura Dekker update The Dutch Judge ruled again over Laura Dekker’s case to sail around the world on her own. He ordered that she still stay under provisional supervision, this time until 1 July 2010. Laura’s security plans are not sufficiently developed, the court ruled, plus she has followed no first aid course and no sleep management course. The new plan of an escort boat was unclear and the court also saw Laura’s emotional development as threatening. According to the Child Protection Council she needs her peers and parents for normal development. Laura turned 14 a few weeks ago. If she wants to break the record for the youngest person who sailed around the world she has to leave on her two year voyage before she is 15.

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