Himalaya 2009 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /42/ – Week in Review.

A brand New Year is around the corner and this marks ExWeb’s very last 2009 week-in-review. Instead, the Year in Review has been cut up in sections to be posted each day until the Awards.

Check in Monday for the first entry but before that, here goes a fast check of recent stories, a number concerning adventure media:

National Geographic Adventure magazine folding; Outside Mag on shaky ground? First it was Alpinist and now National Geographic Adventure magazine is folding its print edition. The jury is still out on Outside Magazine, rumored earlier this year to having laid off employees and being very late with payments to freelance writers contributing the majority of the mag’s articles.

The Wildest Dream: Mallory & Irvine coming to theaters in 2010 Filming a documentary on Mallory & Irvine’s last ascent a few years back, a big team led by Conrad Anker created controversy after falsely claiming a first free climb of the Second Step. “So what have we come to conquer, only ourselves,” Mallory said poignantly upon his arrival on Everest. Now the documentary about his climb is ready for screening. “The film explores Mallory’s obsession with becoming the first person to reach the highest place on Earth,” a movie press release stated.

UK media does it again: decade’s top international (mostly British) explorers listed According to the UK Telegraph, people who pushed “themselves to their limits and beyond during the past 10 years” were mostly British or at least Anglo-Saxon. “Can’t have Ruskies or Kimchis in the Empire,” wrote ExWeb’s Tina Sjogren in a popular editorial.

Young at Heart: ExWeb interview with Carlos Soria Since he topped out K2 at age 65, Carlos has been smashing Himalaya age records one after the other. This year, barely stopping to celebrate his 70th birthday, the Spaniard achieved a new route on Dome Kang and one of the few (real) GI summits of the season. Preparing for two more 8000ers next year; the veteran climber took a break in his daily training for a chat with ExWeb’s Angela Benavides.

Winter Himalaya action ahead: Falt and Pivtsov for Kwangde Lho Comparing routes, style and proper cool-value in Himalaya becomes much easier in winter. Usually, there’s no one there. But just as we started to prepare for another deserted season, Vassily Pivtsov (33) and David Falt (38) unwrapped their plans for Nepal’s’ Kwangde Lho (6187m): a cool new route up the peak’s north face in alpine style and within strict calendar winter.

Aconcagua kicking off Last season was one of the busiest in the past few years, and also one of the most tragedy-struck. This week Alpinismonline.com reported that Aconcagua has claimed its first victim already while nine rescues have been performed.

StatCrunch, take 3, final: ladies of thin air – XXIst Century women While Junko Tabei became the first woman to summit Everest in 1975, Tibetan Ms. Phantog followed only ten days later, via the north side. The biggest name in female Himalaya history was Polish Wanda Rutkiewicz who summited eight 8000ers until Kangchenjunga took her life in 1992. In the final part of female Himalaya stats ExWeb’s Rodrigo Granzotto Peron ran the Individual female current ranking, and the National female ranking.

Free Spirits and Four Girls: First all-Chinese new route on Siguniang massif Word arrived from the Outdoor Exploration magazine that Chinese climbers Yan Dongdong and Zhou Peng completed the first all-Chinese ascent of Siguniang’s central south face. The new 1000 meters-long route includes difficulties up to M4/AI3+/VI and follows a direct line to the 6,250m main summit in Sichuan’s Siguniang mountain massif.

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