Everest 2010 season – Expeditions with any British Teams or Britons.

Author : Colin Wallace.

I am hoping to keep up to date with any British Teams or Britons on other permits climbing Mount Everest this season.

Are you climbing Mount Everest this Spring? If so please let me know and I will then add you to the list below.

Please remember that I have ONLY listed those members who are travelling on a British UK Passport.


List of the British teams climbing on Mount Everest 2010 season :

Adventure Peaks – Everest North Ridge Expedition – www.adventurepeaks.com

Bonita Norris – Global Angel’s 2010 Everest Expedition – www.bonitanorris.blogspot.com

Geordie Stewart – Northeast Ridge route – www.geordiestewart7summits.com

Jagged Globe – 2010 South Col Everest expedition – www.jagged-globe.co.uk

Adventure Extreme Expeditions – North Col route – www.mountaindynamics.co.uk

Trekking Encounters – South Col Route – www.trekkingencounters.com

Dream Guides – South Col Route – www.dream-guides.com

To keep up to date on how the British teams are doing while on Mount Everest please view our Dispatches.

* Source : – http://www.everest1953.co.uk/

Mount Everest The British Story For all information concerning the British on Mount Everest, we will provide the answers to many questions. From their first expedition to those of today, you will find a comprehensive history, list of summiteers, amazing facts, a gallery and much more.

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