ExplorersWeb Year 2009 in Review: Mount Everest.

(ExplorersWeb.com) In previous years, ExplorersWeb have published one big Year in Review on January 1st.

This year we are cutting it up in sections, to be posted every day until the awards, with the compiled report to go up early 2010.

Part 1 : –  ExplorersWeb Year 2009 in Review: Farewell to friends.

Part 2 : –   ExplorersWeb Year 2009 in Review: Polar adventures.

Part 3 : –   ExplorersWeb Year 2009 in Review: Significant climbs.

Part 4 : –   ExplorersWeb Year 2009 in Review: The Oceans.

Today: Everest.

Mount Everest

Passing the 4.500 mark Everest had 406 ascents this spring season, and no ascents in fall. A reality show was shot on the mountain, this time on the south side normal route which was bolted on the Yellow Band. In fall, a meeting was held in the national park to highlight climate change. The Everest meet was shot against Kalapatar (“Black Mountain”).Everest south side

Several climbers, including Ed Viesturs in his 7th Everest summit, announced their intention to climb without bottled oxygen but only three succeeded, with hairy consequences. Jarle Traa (NOR) and Mike Farris (USA) both mobilized rescue operations while Frank Ziebarth (GER) perished.

The biggest spring climb was Mr Park Young-Seok’s new line on the SW Face.


First astronaut – Scott Edward Parazynski (USA)
First Argentinean lady – Mercedes Sahores
First Bulgarian lady – Petya Stanimirova Kolcheva
First Climber with multiple sclerosis (MS) – Lori Schneider (USA)
First Croatian lady – Darija Bostjancic and Iris Bostjancic (sisters)
First Hungarian lady – Anita Ugyan
First Moldavian – Andrey Carpenco
First Panamanian – Michael Morales
First Singaporean lady – Lee Li-Hui, Esther Tan and Jane Lee
First Taiwanese Aboriginal Climber – Wu Yu-Lung

A few years ago Nils Antezana, Bolivian born, but USA citizen, summited Everest at 69 years old but perished on descent. His “oldest American” title was disputed this year by younger seniors claiming “oldest American to summit and come back alive” or “oldest American-born.” However, Nils Antezana remains the oldest American to summit Everest.

Born 29.03.1992, at 17 years old John Collison became the youngest American Everest summiteer, beating Samantha Larson´s previous record.

Two Croatian sisters – Darija & Iris Bostjancic – summited Everest together on May 19. It was announced they were the first sisters to summit together, however, Lakpa Sherpani and her younger sister Mingkipa Sherpani summited together in 2003.

Climbing legend Nikolay Cherny (RUS) summited Everest at age 70, the oldest Russian to top out.


Four climbers perished on Everest and one in BC. Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa, 32, died in an avalanche in the icefall. Chinese climber Wu Weng-Hong, 40, died of HAPE, Czech Veslav Chzaszcz, 47, fell, and Frank Ziebarth, 29, suffered AMS.

Kaji Sherpa, 45, died in BC of methanol, part of a stock of illegal brew made in Kathmandu and delivered throughout the Khumbu in spring.


Investigating all clues, American historian Tom Holzel pin-pointed Irvine’s possible location in a 3-part series at ExWeb. “The mystery is about to be solved,” he told ExplorersWeb. “And perhaps this coming spring.”
After years of researching Mallory and Irvine’s 1924 final climb on Everest – mounting the first search expedition in 1986, checking hi-res mapping images, interviewing Everest summiteers, comparing testimonies and theories, and weighing all possible scenarios – Tom has managed to reconstruct, minute-by-minute, Mallory and Irvine’s final hours. And there is a major new clue: a different eye-witness account of the sighting of Irvine’s body.

* see : – ExWeb series special: the search for Andrew Irvine, by Tom Holzel

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–  ExplorersWeb Year 2009 in Review: Farewell to friends.

–   ExplorersWeb Year 2009 in Review: Polar adventures.

–   ExplorersWeb Year 2009 in Review: Significant climbs.

–   ExplorersWeb Year 2009 in Review: The Oceans.

–   Tragedy in the Himalaya, 2009 climbing season.

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