Best of ExplorersWeb 2009 Awards: new route on Nanga Parbat.

Although most explored on the mountain; the Diamir Flank on Nanga Parbat had merely two previous lines: the Kinshofer Route (with several variations) set in 1962; and Messner Direct Route, set in 1978.

More than 30 years later, this season another route was drawn on the slopes. The summit was reached on 11th July, by Austrians Gerfried Göschl, Sepp Bachmair, Hans Goger, and Canadian Louis Rousseau.

The victory was double-edged. A team mate vanished on the upper slopes of the normal route and another climber fell further down, sparking controversy as the fixed rope had been removed. The planned K2 double-header was scrubbed due to bad conditions (no one summited the peak this year).

But the ascent was one of only three new lines drawn on the 8000ers this year, and the pictures said it all: a frightening couloir, a vertical ice wall – the small group of friends survived and triumphed a partial new line on Nanga Parbat in a season when even summits on the normal routes were scarce.

The success arrived after long and tenacious planning. “We did our best in the last year and a half to try and optimize all items which are planable. We don’t want to leave anything to chance” Ger told ExWeb prior to the attempt. “I compared around 2000 pictures to find the possibility of this new line.”

And afterwards, “we did it nearly like we had planned it and the difficulties were exactly the same as we thought they would be,” Göschl concluded.

The route went through a hidden couloir between the Czech route on the right side and the (unsuccessfully attempted) Diamir glacier route on the left side. It was a secret way to join the untouched North West buttress.

The rest was just logical, said Gerfried: “Follow the ridge and overcome the two giant pinnacles that cross to the right above big seracs to reach a second ridge leading to the Basin at 7400 meters. More than 2000m of complete new ground”.

The name of the new route is the Nanga Parbat Austro-Canadian North-West buttress.

Special mentions:
– Good guys leaving too early: Tomaz, Piotr, Serguey, Martin, Oscar, Roby…
– GIII/GIV attempt and rescue.
– Nives Meroi, fame for love.
– North Pole-Greenland crossing and polar records.

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