First Ascent Supports 15th Annual Ouray Ice Festival.

Two weeks ago the First Ascent team traveled to Ouray, Colorado to celebrate the start of ice climbing season and to sponsor the 15th Annual Ouray Ice Festival.

Chad Peele at Ouray.

The festival kicked off with presentations by some of the most accomplished climbers in the industry: Caroline George and Andres Marin. Both took the audience through their fascinating ice climbing careers.

The festival also featured clinics taught by professional athletes, including First Ascent guide Chad Peele. Each clinic was specially designed for climbers of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The weekend also brought out highly renowned international climbers for the competition – and it was a packed house as the audience cheered for each one!

Overall, the festival proved to be a success, with nearly 2,000 climbers and enthusiasts showing their support for the largest ice climbing festival in North America.

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