ExplorersWeb 3.0: kickin’ it up.

Following a year’s work and 400 programming hours; today a new ExplorersWeb is born. The re-launch marks the 10-year anniversary of the leading source in online adventure news.

ExplorersWeb old version

It started late 1999, when  – originally an Everest expedition website – was converted into an independent high altitude mountaineering news source. A do-it-yourself guide was added and daily stories – mainly from the 8000ers – went up. 

Following founders’ and friends’ other expeditions, new areas were added in a fast pace: ThePoles, TheOceans, K2Climb, AdventureStats, BaseCampMD, AdventureWeather, HumanEdgeTech and finally Pythom.com. By 2003 finally, ExplorersWeb was launched.

Each area was quickly appreciated by its own community but 10 different websites soon led to confusion, especially with explorers increasingly widening their playgrounds in cross-over quests.

These days, adventurers need to get the big picture in addition to specialized news. Thus, ExplorersWeb is now one single website, with 7 brand new areas added to the regular content.

Increased coverage

Extreme flights, sky-jumps etc have got their own place under “Air” while serious world travelers can be found in the “Trek” section.

There is a separate spot for “Opinion”; another covers “World” news and politics relevant to the adventure community; while a third features adventure-related “Science” in addition to the regular “Space” news section. The “Medical” part now covers not only Everest but all extreme adventure sports and areas.

A separate Week-In-Review field allows you to quickly access summaries of the biggest news and events.

While all the latest news can be found in the right and left hand side columns on each section, for now we have populated many of the “choice”, “features”, “interviews” and “classics” with some of the most memorable stories as new content builds up. Check the classics frequently for “new” old content to be added with each new season or current topic.

New features

The top stories come with larger images and individual pictures can be clicked to show in a nice light box feature. The text background is white for easier reading and you can also adjust the size of the text.

All pictures and stories will now be geo tagged. This means that you will see a useful Google map popping up that can be enlarged and zoomed to research the specific geo area.

In the long run this feature will offer radically new and cool ways to present the content.

Find and Share

ExWeb 3.0 offers several new options to find, share and customize stories.

The “ExplorersWeb at a glance” scroll box shows top stories from all the different areas; click the arrows for “most popular”, “classics”, “opinions” etc.

The search has been improved and the code has been cleaned from intrusions – expect to find old stories again. Don’t forget to put search sentences in brackets – such as “Year in Review” – to optimize your search. Click “News List” in the top menu for quick searches customized to your preference.

Print or email stories, share them on Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

In addition to our weekly newsletter: RSS feeds, widgets and many other features have been added including a mobile website and a satellite website optimized for expeditions checking in on low bandwidth.

Some of the functions are still tested though so hang in there for the full experience in the upcoming weeks.

Ratna Park and The Souq

While adventure news sources such as National Geographic and Outside Magazine are popular each for their own reason; ExplorersWeb stands out for its content being written and vetted by real explorers from all over the world.

You don’t always get the catchy phrases and perfect copy; but you can be sure to always get the real story.

The direct and intense communication between ExplorersWeb and the adventure community has led to much good stuff being stuck in our mail boxes which we now hope to change with Ratna Park. The board kicks off with 22 pre-defined forums; give us a shout if more are needed.

The Souq has 3 non-commercial forums for finding climbing buddies, sharing permits or exchanging gear.


Our core team of editors consists of 5 people working from 5 continents. Needless to say, efforts by contributors from the adventure community have been key in ExplorersWeb’s success.

We have therefore made it easier to submit news or features: click the “help us report” link in the menu for that. In addition we will need moderators on Ratna and the Souq.

Expeditions, Statistics and other features

Coming up in the next few weeks is a new List-of-Expeditions feature where you will be able to add or edit your expedition; an updated and revamped statistics section; and keep an eye out also for the HumanEdgeTech brand new CONTACT 5.


* Polish Himalayas – Become a Fan

Exweb Week-In-Review is sponsored by HumanEdgeTech the world’s premier supplier of expedition technology. Our team helps you find ultra light expedition tech that works globally.

e-mail or call +1 212 966 1928

* Read these stories – and more! – at ExplorersWeb.com


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