An Urgent Request from EverestER.


Hello Everest Nuptse and Lhotse-bound expeditions!

YES the Everest base camp medical clinic will be on the mountain this year for our 8th season.  We will continue to ask for $100 per Non-Nepali staff and climbers in base camp, which will cover all doc consultations for your team including all of your team Nepalis at no charge. As in past years, we will charge a low fee for medications, oxygen and hospitalization as used.

I have been funding this clinic for the past 8 years from our nonprofit (the $100/climber doesn’t come close to covering the expenses unless all non-Nepali folks in EBC sign up.)

Despite promises to the contrary, there has been no movement on my continued and repeated requests to the ministry of tourism to either 1) create a separate mandatory EBC clinic permit for all non-Nepali climbers or 2) use a small portion of the climbing permit fee to subsidize the clinic operational fees so that everyone supports the clinic and keeps fees low.

Because I can’t continue to subsidize the clinic forever and want to be sure it will endure on it’s own,  last year I let the HRA and ministry know that 2010 is the last season that I’ll pay the operations costs.  I’ve told the ministry that if they don’t come up with a way to subsidize the clinic (again, all we need is $100/non Nepali climber out of the climbing permit fees?) then there will be no clinic in 2011.

Can you help us out?  When you go to apply for your permit, if every exped leader puts in a plug for paying a fee for the clinic, it might get them to budge.

If they know you’ll be behind this permit (and I assume you are, since you’re paying that same fee when you come anyway) please let them know that you see it as a big advantage to climbing on the Nepal side (maybe it’s not the only reason you don’t climb from Tibet, but if reliable and cost effective medical care is even a part of that decision, then perhaps we can use it to our advantage.)

I appreciate your support!  Easiest if you send us a list of all your climbers, and $100 per NonNepali.  The check can be made out to HRA-USA and sent to PO Box 365 Gallatin Gateway, MT  59730.  Then if you can provide us with a list of your Nepali staff once you get to EBC I’d appreciate that too.

See you on the rockpile soon, and thanks for your support.  If you’d like me to send you a list of suggested medications for your climbers to bring along to minimize their costs in EBC, I’m happy to do so – just let me know.



* Source : – Alan Arnette : 2010 Everest expeditions.

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