Himalaya 2010 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /5/ – Week in Review.

Luge down Everest Hornbein anyone? A new route attempt by the dynamic duo Moro/Urubko, a bunch of interviews with emerging adventurers (and their parents), amazing trip reports and a couple of editorials stole at least some attention this blockbuster winter Olympics week.

Simone Moro for Everest w/o O2 – plus a new route on Lhotse with Denis Urubko! Makalu first winter ascent Kazakh-Italian combo Denis Urubko and Simone Moro, maybe the strongest Himalayan climbing team today, are roping up again for an impressive double-header: A new route in alpine style on Lhotse, plus a no-O2 Everest climb.

Lhotse 2010 preview: Himalaya training – Kazakh style Evan Lysacek was the best trained figure skater; speed skater Apolo Ohno put in four 2-hour sessions each day. It brought them Olympic glory. Fast, strong, and determined, Kazakh climbers are outstanding on high altitude. Currently, the men are doing three daily ascents in preps for the upcoming Lhotse attempt. Check the workout tips from Vassiliy Pivtsov and Kazakhstan Army’s Sports Club team coach Iljinsky.

Puryear and Gottlieb get a Mugs Stump award while climbing a virgin peak in Nepal Joe Puryear and David Gottlieb were not at home to receive their just announced Mugs Stumps Award. The serial first ascenders are in Nepal to explore some ice climbing spots in Rolwaling valley and bag yet another virgin peak: the 6,771-meter Takargo. Check who else got the award this year. 

Editorial: International Mugs Stump for 8000ers, anyone? Russian Yevgeny Plushenko complains that figure skaters are skipping the quad due to the high risk. The latest NASA budget proposal has cut our hopes for real space. International mountaineers complain that high altitude is increasingly avoided. Are we regressing? A new award could change that.

Opinion: Lhotse, K2 and Puccini “Although misplaced in Baltistan, K2 is as Italian as Vesuvius – pit an Italian mountain with two or three Italian climbers, and the spectacle becomes as lush and operatic as Puccini.” K2’s 2008 tragedy still echoes among Italian tenors such as Messner, Moro and Marco Confortola. A journalist wrote for ExWeb how it all relates to Lhotse this spring.

ExWeb interview with Tessum Weber, “The Arctic Ocean is like a military routine with meticulous preparation” His iPod is his most important gear item, “to keep it chill” on the way to the North Pole. 21-year old Tessum Weber and his iPod will be skiing with his father, Richard, and two teammates the 775 km from Canada to the NP. Tessum told ExWeb about growing up in a house where going to the North Pole was normal.

ExWeb interview with Richard Weber, “It is very cool to take my son to the North Pole” Veteran North Pole skier and South Pole speed skier, Richard Weber, is on his way to the North Pole for the 7th time; with his eldest son and two teammates. He talked to ExWeb about his new line of polar equipment, sharing his passion with his son and what he has learned about Arctic adventures over the years.

Katie Spotz update: Rowing the Atlantic Ocean from a mother’s point of view When 22-year old independent, single-handed, Atlantic Ocean rower, Katie Spotz’s, mother got an email that her daughter wanted to row an ocean on her own, a battle began: She wanted to keep her daughter close and safe, and her daughter wanted to live her dream. Mary Spotz explains how she had to let go.

ExWeb interview with Sarah Outen, a new challenge: Rowing, biking and kayaking around the world In 2009 Briton Sarah Outen became the first woman to row across the Indian Ocean from Australia to Mauritius single-handed, unsupported and at only 24 years old, the youngest. ExWeb spoke to the young champ about her new challenge, ‘London to London: Via the World’ on a bicycle and a boat.

Heads-up: Kayaking the Rhine River: Ex-Royal Marines Phil Carrington, Robert Tweddle and Sean Johnson Ex-Royal Marines Phil Carrington, Robert Tweddle and Sean Johnson will take on the Rhine River in kayaks from the source in the Swiss Alps, through six countries to the London Eye, a distance of 1000 miles. They will be self-contained and will camp along the way.

ExWeb interview with Pavel Blazek, “It’s mostly about what I like to do, what drives me” Two Czechs, Vasek Sura and Pavel Blazek, are leaving for Siberia on February 21 and if all goes well they will start their unassisted, unsupported expedition across Lake Baikal two days later. Pavel told ExWeb all about it.

Hundred years on ice A New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust team of conservators has excavated five crates from beneath Ernest Shackleton’s hut, used during his 1909 unfinished expedition to the South Pole, at Cape Royds on Antarctica. Three crates were labeled as containing whisky and two labeled as containing brandy.

Atlantic rowing update: “If the elements want to play silly, accept it and get on with it” Out of class boat, Britannia lll finished in Barbados after nearly 39 days at sea. The rest of the Atlantic Race rowers have been out on the Ocean for 45 days. Wednesday saw another 1200 nm made good, 40nm per crew, including a further 79nm for Charlie Pitcher the solo rower leading the Race.

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