Kinga Baranowska and Piotr Pustelnik new expedition – ANNAPURNA DREAM Expedition 2010.

Kinga Baranowska and Piotr Pustelnik starts from airport in Warsaw March 11.

ANNAPURNA DREAM Expedition team: Kinga Baranowska and Piotr Pustelnik (Poland), Peter Hamor (Słowacja), Horia Colibasanu (Rumunia).


KInga Baranowska and Piotr Pustelnik wants to climb Annapurna (8091m) by north face and German route.

Accomplishment time:

The expedition begins on March 11 and will last until the end of April.

Description of the expedition:

The team wants to climb Annapurna (8091m) by north face and German route. They want to be in the Annapurna base around April 10.

Kinga and Piotr decided to acclimatise before the proper climb on Annapurna by summiting Pumori (7161m) – a popular climbing peak and the easiest route is graded class 3. Pumori (or Pumo Ri) is a mountain in the Himalaya on the Nepal-Tibet border. Pumori lies just eight kilometres west of Mount Everest.

Kinga Baranowska – (born 1976) – polish mountaineer. Currently living in Warsaw.

She summited her first eight-thousander – Cho Oyu – in 2003. Failed on attempt to reach one of the most difficult seven-thousander Jengish Chokusu in Tian-Shan range.

In 2006 she successfully reached the top of Broad Peak. On the June 11, 2007 summited Mount McKinley and one month later on July 18 she successfully climbed Nanga Parbat.

On year later she summited Dhaulagiri (May 1, 2008 ) – her first attempt to reach the summit from north-east face, in September, 2007 failed.  In the same year on 5th of October Kinga Baranowska as the first Polish woman summited Manaslu (8163 m) which is located in Nepal.

On 18th of May Kinga Baranowska as the first Polish woman summited Kangchenjunga (8586 m) which is located in Nepal.

Kinga’s Summits :

Cho Oyu (8201 m) – October , 2003 ;

Broad Peak (8047 m) – Julay 22, 2006 – The 11 woman ascent;

Nanga Parbat (8125 m) Julay 18, 2007;

Dhaulagiri (8167 m) May 01, 2008 – first Polish woman

Manaslu (8156 M) October 5, 2008 – first Polish woman

Kangchenjunga (8586 m) May 18, 2009 – first Polish woman

Official site : –

* see :

– Become a Fan: Annapurna Dream – wyprawa Kingi Baranowskiej i Piotra Pustelnika on Facebook

Kinga Baranowska summited Dhaulagiri. Kinga Baranowska pierwszą Polką na DHAULAGIRI! /Version english and polish/

Kinga Baranowska summit Manaslu. Kinga Baranowska pierwszą Polką na Manaslu. /Version english and polish/

Kinga Baranowska, first Polish woman to reach the summit of Kangchenjunga. Kinga Baranowska pierwszą Polką, która zdobyła Kanczendzonge.

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Piotr Pustelnik was born on July 12, 1951 in Lodz (Poland). Piotr Pustelnik

Chemical engineer by profession. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Specialty: industrial risk and safety business.

He climbs up since 1975. Climbing instructor. Climbed in the Tatras, the Alps, the Dolomites, in Pamirze, Karakoram and the Himalayas.

Nobel Prize “Fair Play” the Polish Olympic Committee. Honorary Citizen of the City of Lodz, Poland.

In the years 1990 – 2008 he summited 13 of all 14 eight-thousanders, Annapurna is the final peak.

Currently, he is involved in a project of “Three Crowns”, aiming to reach the 14 highest peaks of the Himalayas, next to the highest and the second highest peaks of all the Continents.

Piotr Pustelnik: The Knight’s comeback.

The Himalayan Knight is back to face his last 8000er for the fifth time.

Piort is dedicating the climb to long-time friend and climbing mate Piotr Morawski, perished in a crevasse on Dhaulagiri last year. Morawski’s death put an end to the legendary “Three Peters” (Pustelnik, Morawski and Slovak Peter Hamor) who had accomplished some of the foremost Himalaya expeditions in later years.

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Piotr Pustelnik – famous Polish climber. /Version english and polish/

Annapurna: NF -Route, Fot. Ferran Latorre

Annapurna (Sanskrit, Nepali, Nepal Bhasa: अन्नपूर्णा) is a series of peaks in the Himalayas, a 55 km (34 mi)-long massif of which the highest point, Annapurna I, stands at 8091m, making it the 10th-highest summit in the world and one of the 14 “eight-thousanders“. It is located east of a great gorge cut through the Himalayas by the Kali Gandaki River, which separates it from the Dhaulagiri massif. (Dhaulagiri I lies 34 km west of Annapurna I.)

Annapurna I was the first 8,000-metre (26,200 ft) peak to be climbed. Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal, of a French expedition led by Maurice Herzog (including Lionel Terray,Gaston Rébuffat, Marcel Ichac, Jean Couzy, Marcel Schatz, Jacques Oudot, Francis de Noyelle), reached the summit on 3 June 1950.

Summited Annapurna by 8 Poles:

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  1. Don’t forget portuguese João Garcia is climbing with Piotr, it’s his 14th and last 8000m without oxygen.

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