Annapurna 2010 heads-up: Ferran Latorre evacuated, new additions.

(ExWeb – Madrid) “I’ve got good and bad news for you guys,” Edurne reported yesterday. “Good news is that we’re back in BC after fixing 500m rope between C2 and C3, including an ice gully which may be the most exposed section in the entire route.”

“Bad news is that Ferran injured his knee while skiing down from C2 to BC,” Endurne added. “It seemed unimportant af first, but after a while he started loosing balance and his knee swelled seriously. Expedition Doc Pablo in BC diagnosed a damaged, possibly broken, ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) in his right knee.”

“This is a hard blow for me,” Edurne wrote. “Asier, Alex, Ferran and I have been climbing together for years. My 14x8000er project makes sense only with my friends at my side. We have to go on with the climb anyway though. We will rest for some days in BC; next time up we’ll set up C3, spend the night there and then scout conditions at the ice wall rising right above.”

“I can’t believe it: I never fall while skiing – and I had to damage my knee precisely now,” Ferran told ExplorersWeb earlier today from Kathmandu. “I knew the terrain, conditions were awesome with 30cm of fresh snow, I was so happy. Then, suddenly the back tip of my ski got trapped, maybe on the edge of a hidden serac, and I fell,” Latorre explained. “Worst of all is not the pain; it’s the feeling of frustration for not being able to continue.” Ferran is scheduled to land back homein Barcelona tomorrow morning, local time.

Details on Oh Eun-Sun team

South Korean Oh Eun-Sun is about to reach Anna BC, together by a large group of people – mostly TV broadcasting crew. “However, the climbing team only includes Miss Oh herself, Chejing Norbu Sherpa and BC manager Dong-Min Beak,” Black-Yak staff told ExWeb correspondent Kyu Dam Lee.

Jorge Egocheaga and Martin Ramos joining Anna crowd

Spaniards Jorge Egocheaga and Martin Ramos are back to the 8000ers after a joint attempt on K2 last summer. Back then Jorge launched a lonely push from C3 and stopped just some meters shy from the top.

Jorge also attempted Kangchenjunga in spring 2009 together with Edurne Pasaban team and Juanito Oiarzabal. All of them will meet again in BC this week: Oiarzabal, Pauner and Xavi Arias flew to Nepal five days ago. Jorge and Martin were yesterday in Tatopani. American Nick Rice is apparently travelling with them and planning to arrive in BC on April 7th after some acclimatization near Marpha and the French Pass.

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