Annapurna 2010 wrap-up: more climbers arrive in BC – no cake on Pumori.

Heavy snow fall forced Pustelnik’s group down on Pumori. The climbers are now acclimatized enough for a serious shot on Annapurna though, where BC is filling up with new arrivals under the full moon.

Pumori: Climbers back from 6,400m

“We didn’t reach the summit,” Kinga Baranowska reported yesterday. “We spent the night at about 6,400 m. in heavy snowfall. We woke up tired and conditions were risky, so none of us pushed any further.”

Spaniards up again

Edurne and team are preparing in Annapurna BC for a further trip up on the mountain. Weather permitting, they’ll head back to C2 tomorrow and continue to C3 on Saturday.

They will at least pitch their tents and spend a night there. Because the gear cache they left at the base of a couloir between C2 and C3 was swept by an avalanche, the climbers hope that spare line will arrive in time from Kathmandu for them to fix ropes on the head-wall.

Annapurna preparing to go live

Meanwhile, more teams are arriving in BC, such as Juanito Oiarzabal and Carlos Pauner. Oh Eun-Sun is expected on April 5th, but large loads of expedition gear (mostly TV broadcasting stuff) has already been airlifted to the spot along with BC crew.

Nick Rice, currently acclimatizing near Marpha, also saw the loads of gear and described them as “HUGE. Rumor is they’re taking along 20,000kg of gear.”

Jae-Soo Kim avoiding the crowds – on Cho Oyu

Fellow Korean Jae-Soo Kim landed in Kathmandu today. However, the former partner of the late Go Mi-Sun will only arrive on Annapurna after an acclimatization climb up on Cho Oyu.

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