Himalaya 2010 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /10/ – Week in Review.

Sherpas are staking out the best spots in Everest BC, Liz Hawley and crew are interviewing arriving climbers in Kathmandu, a summit push is up on Pumori, Annapurna sent Ferran home.

Up north the Arctic ocean keeps punishing skiers: Ben Saunders is back on land following serious gear failure. Southwards two teenage girls are nearing Cape Horn and Australia onboard their ships.

Pumori summit push! It’s the sugar cone with a bad rep sitting just by Everest south side BC. Pumori commands respect for its avalanche prone slopes and technical sections. Now the star-studded team headed by Polish Piotr Pustelnik is about to launch a very early summit push there.

Annapurna heads-up Edurne’s team fixed 500m of rope between C2 and C3 but Ferran Latorre was evacuated with a torn knee ligament suffered during his ski-descent to BC. South Korean Oh Eun-Sun is about to reach Anna BC, enroute are also Spaniards Jorge Egocheaga and Martin Ramos together again after a joint attempt on K2 last summer. Traveling with the Spanish crew is American Nick Rice planning to arrive Anna BC on April 7th after acclimatization near Marpha and the French Pass.

North side Everest attempt the hard way Spanish Alfredo Garcia and Pedro Garcia are headed to Everest north side for a no O2-attempt. Fellow Spaniard Josu Ortubay will share their logistics to BC, from where Josu will ump his challenge by using no porters or fixed camps. “I want no help,” Josu told Barrabes.com. “I know it shrinks my summit chances but to me how you climb is as important as what you climb. Not everything works.”

Finns back for more Mikko Vermas from last year’s Airborne Rangers Club Everest Expedition will try Everest again with a sherpa while Tomi Myllys plus Joni Kirtola are headed for Lhotse.

ExWeb interview with first MS Everest summiteer Lori Schneider: “Don’t be afraid to try” “One day I awoke with numbness in half of my body overnight, and my whole world came crashing down around me.” Lori took to the mountains and finally stood on a stormy Everest summit, ten years after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. One by one, the 7 Summits had taught her how to be brave.

Piolets d’Or heads-up The second Piolets d’Or ceremony will be held in Courmayeur and Chamonix April 7-10th. The jury has named five nominee ascents in 2009. Only one 8000er – Cho Oyu – is on the nominees list. Others are Chang Himal, Gongga, Xuelian Feng and Pobeda.

Geographic North Pole wrap-up: Ben Saunders, one of the three solo skiers on the Arctic ice this season, is back in Resolute Bay after two fuel cans broke and contaminated most of his food. Amelia also reported a leaked fuel can. Headwinds picked up again while Michele Pontrandolfo reached 84°N. “We made our way north crossing 85 for the fifth and final (this I swear) time,” promised Eric Larsen while battling with the negative drift.

ExWeb interview with Christian Eide, “Keep moving is my way” On the ice Christian can’t wait to get up in the morning, check the weather, eat a good breakfast, and ski all day. Just back from Carstensz and ready for his 8th Greenland crossing he shared with ExWeb how he experiences the Icecap and the pyramid.

Christian Bodegren Sahara Desert update “Feeling relaxed when your travel in the desert is a question of how good your knowledge is,” said Christian Bodegren, referring to water among other things. Christian is back into the Sahara after political problems prevented him from traveling as planned.

ExWeb interview with Kevin Vallely “Everyone’s capable of pushing themselves, it’s just a question of being psyched to do so”, Kevin told ExWeb. In a speed record crossing of Lake Baikal in Siberia, Kevin and his teammate, Ray Zahab, ran an average of 50 km per day with their 50 kg sleds. They dressed light and wore screw in spikes shoes.

Franck Cammas and Groupama 3’s around-the-world sailing record French skipper, Franck Cammas and his nine-men crew onboard their 105 ft trimaran, Groupama 3, broke the around-the-world sailing record by finishing in 48 days, 7 hours, 44 minutes and 55 seconds late Saturday afternoon, March 20 in Brest, France. With achieving this they took the Jules Verne Trophy.

Tracing the new coastline of the Atlantic in 100 years They met ten years ago at university, now at age 29, Tim Bromfield, Lynn Morris and Will Lorimer are driving overland along the Atlantic coastline, tracing what could be the new coastline in 100 years. They started in London, drove around the coast of West Africa to Ghana and crossed the Atlantic to Brazil.

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