Himalaya 2010 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /11/ – Week in Review.

Everything is going smoothly on Everest south side while north side climbers are still waiting for clearance. Skiers for the North Pole are experiencing very hard travel and several have been airlifted out from the ice.

On Annapurna, Miss Oh and Edurne are meeting today. The list of expeditions has been updated, last week also brought a number of special stories at ExWeb in addition to several interviews and extreme trek updates.

Everest south side wrap-up: With flights to Lukla resumed, front teams are in Namche and beyond. Most climbers are expected at base camp within the next 7 to 10 days. IMG has brought 10,000 feet of new line to fix and most of the expeditions have agreed to share the cost. The Icefall Doctors are already at work fixing route through the Khumbu Icefall reported Altitude Junkies leader Phil Crampton. The route will most likely follow the same route as it did in the fall of 2009.

Everest north side wrap-up: Climbing permits were issued Friday so several teams planned to cross the border this Easter weekend but a new hurdle is that paperwork from Lhasa concerning visa issued by China Embassy got stuck on the road. In addition to three Spaniards, a Hungarian duo are also on the way to Tibet, aiming for the first Hungarian no-O2 Everest summits.

China thwarts Everest traverse “After prolonged discussions with the authorities in Tibet, I was informed that no traverse permits would be issued for Spring 2010,” American Gavin Turner reported.

ExWeb Special: China – 2 years after Reporters Without Borders state that propaganda, surveillance, censorship and crackdowns are worse than ever in China. According to a recent MSNBC report, over the past year the government has encouraged China’s state-owned enterprises to forcibly buy private firms. Check ExWeb’s big report two years after the Olympics.

Himalaya wrap-up More climbers are arriving Annapurna BC where Miss Oh and Edurne are meeting for a cup of tea today. Edurne’s team is currently awaiting weather to continue their push up the mountain. Over on Pumori, Pustelnik’s international team aborted their summit push at about 7000 meters due to illness and bad conditions and are now headed to Annapurna.

Last minute additions to Himalaya list of expeditions Duffel-bags zipped, passports in hand, and about to call a cab to the airport…sometimes the hunt for funding and team mates doesn’t finalize an expedition until the very last moment. ExWeb’s list of Himalaya expeditions was updated last week with some of the last additions, changes and cancellations. Two ski descents were announced, and a couple of new route attempts.

Enroute to Everest with Simone Moro Italian Simone Moro is marching up the sweet valley of Khumbu towards his upcoming double-goal: Everest without O2 and a new route on Lhotse. Kazakh Denis Urubko will be by his side. ExWeb caught up with Moro for a chat about politics, Everest ethics, his upcoming climbs and the bond between “perfect partners.”

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