Himalaya 2010 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /12/ – Week in Review.

Annapurna climb underway; no scattering of ashes on Everest; Piolet d’Or winners crowned; an amazing hot air balloon flight over the North Pole; another Arctic team bites the dust; Abby sailing on to another Cape; Jessica enroute to her last; and a big Space meet coming up. Check out last week’s headlines at ExplorersWeb:

Annapurna summit push? High winds punishing the upper section of Annapurna, Edurne told ExWeb that her team would wait at least until Saturday before heading back up. But a new weather forecast sent Edurne’s team to C2 already Friday. Plans to proceed to C3 by Saturday were pending conditions.

Everest: no scattering of ashes? Yesterday (Sat April 10) an article in the Himalayan Times stated that the plan to scatter Edmund Hillary’s ashes on the summit of Mount Everest has been cancelled after Buddhist priests in Nepal warned it would bring bad luck. “The old lamas said it would be inauspicious to take the ashes to a holy place, ” expedition organizer Dawa Stephen Sherpa reportedly told the news source.

RussianClimb sent word that Piolet d’Or went to Urubko-Dedeshko for the best high-altitude climb. Americans Jed Brown and Kyle Dempster along with Scotsman Bruce Normand bagged the best technical climb for the North face of the Xuelian West (Chinese Tien Shan).

Everest: hello Base Camp Following extended searches of their luggage, Everest north side teams crossed the Friendship Bridge to Tibet and with that Base Camps on both sides of Everest have been reached. The bulk of climbers were expected to arrive by this weekend.

Annapurna ladies’ meet and Korean word on trash Edurne and Miss Oh met over tea in BC. Edurne told Miss Oh that she was welsome to use her ropes; Miss Oh offered Edurne and her team help with anything they need. As for Korean garbage enroute and in BC, Korean sponsor Black Yak sent word to ExWeb that their team is very particular with waste management, and as they are/were not the only Koreans in place, other teams should be approached about the problem.

Spring 2010 Himalaya expedition list: another update New teams keep popping up and the expedition list has been updated again.

Heidi Kloos lost in avalanche before Everest trek Late March, shortly before veteran mountain guide Heidi Kloos, 41, was to guide trekkers to Everest BC she was lost in an avalanche on Colorado’s Baldy Peak. Heidi was buried under 10 feet of snow; her dog stayed with her until a rescue patrol arrived on April 1st.

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