Oh Eun-Sun summits Annapurna – becomes the first woman 14x8000er summiteer!

(ExWeb/Madrid) South Korean Oh Eun-Sun has reached the summit of Annapurna – live on KBS TV network.

“Miss Oh Eun-Sun finally reached the summit of Mt. Annapurna at 18:15 Korea time (about 3:00pm, local time) on April 27th,” ExWeb Korea correspondent Kyu Dam-Lee reported. “It took slightly over 13 hours from C4 to the summit. Yesterday, Miss Oh (44) needed 11 hours to get to C4.”

“The Korean climbing team for Annapurna consist of 6 people,” Kyu added. “Eun-Sun Oh (climbing leader), 3 sherpas and 2 KBS camera men: Mr. Ha-Young Jung and Mr. Kwan-Joo Nha.”

The live images show clear skies and high wind. Wind-speed reported at summit time was 12 m/s.

Climbers who have reached the summit of all 14 eight-thousanders

Field 02 lists people who have peaked all 14 without bottled oxygen.

All without
O2 (order)
Name Period born at age Nationality
1 1 Reinhold Messner 1970-1986 1944 42 Flag of Italy Italian
2 Jerzy Kukuczka 1979-1987 1948 39 Flag of Poland Polish
3 2 Erhard Loretan 1982-1995 1959 36 Flag of Switzerland Swiss
4 Carlos Carsolio 1985-1996 1962 33 Flag of Mexico Mexican
5 Krzysztof Wielicki 1980-1996 1950 46 Flag of Poland Polish
6 3 Juanito Oiarzabal 1985-1999 1956 43 Flag of Spain Spanish
7 Sergio Martini 1983-2000 1949 51 Flag of Italy Italian
8 Young Seok Park 1993-2001 1963 38 Flag of South Korea Korean
9 Hong Gil Um 1988-2001 1960[6] 40 Flag of South Korea Korean
10 4 Alberto Iñurrategi 1991-2002[7] 1968 33 Flag of Spain Spanish
11 Wang Yong Han 1994-2003 1966 37 Flag of South Korea Korean
12 5[8] Ed Viesturs 1989-2005 1959 46 Flag of the United States American
13 6[9][10][11] Silvio Mondinelli 1993-2007 1958 49 Flag of Italy Italian
14 7[12] Ivan Vallejo 1997-2008 1959 49 Flag of Ecuador Ecuador
15 8 [13] Denis Urubko 2000-2009 1973 35 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
16 Ralf Dujmovits 1990-2009 1961[14] 47 Flag of Germany German
17 9 Veikka Gustafsson 1993-2009 1968 41 Flag of Finland Finnish
18 [16] Andrew Lock 1993-2009 1961 48 Flag of FinlandAustralia
19 10 João Garcia 1993-2010 1967 43 Portugal Portuguese
20 Piotr Pustelnik 1990-2010 1951 59 Poland Polish
21 [21] Oh Eun-Sun 1997-2010 1966 44 South Korea Korean

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Update 6:37am EDT: Carlos Pauner has just called home from the summit! Juanito Oiarzabal and Tolo Calafat are also there. “They are now hurrying down,” Carolina Pueyo told ExplorersWeb. “They are concerned about the late hour – night might fall before they reach back C4.”

Annapurna is Pauner’s 9th 8000er and Juanito’s 24th (!).

First summit news today came from Romanian Horia Colibasanu (check a previous story published earlier today).

Update 8:51am EDT: Nick Rice confirmed Martin Ramos home team that Martin and Jorge Egocheaga summited at 10:00am, local time. As Nick wrote from BC, the two Spaniards were feeling strong and already on their way between C3 and C2.

Update 9:45am EDT: Slovak Peter Hamor has also reached the summit, according to a brief note on his website. Like Juanito, he has summited Anna twice.

Further summit news and updates on the climbers safe arrival back to C4 are expected soon.

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  1. Oh Eun-Sun summits Annapurna – becomes the first woman 14x8000er summiteer!

    what do you think?
    can you emill to me?

  2. Oh Eun Sun of South Korea is lots like Chad Kellogg of USA. Not just frauds. Creative deceivers frauds. Horrible! They invent excuses, take fraud-summit-photos showing No Summit, crop their images to remove SUB-SUMMIT-LAND. Chad Kellogg has gone and done more. Lied about speedclimbs! Caught big time.

    Worse yet with this Chad Kellogg Fraud He has dozens of friends in the NW USA who criminal-Cyberstalk on the internet with malicious abuse stalking people especially anyone who criticizes him. The sewer of humans. But it just reflects back on Chad. That he has friends like this. Sewer.

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