Himalaya 2010 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /19/ – Week in Review.

5000+ ascents to date – that’s what the Everest counter clocked before closing a successful season before this Memorial weekend. A majority of climbers made it in the final wave, including serial-summiteers such as record-westerner Dave Hahn (12th E top) and SeracFilm’s Michael Brown. Climbers were lost and rescued, while Chad’s speed attempt got stuck in lines on the Balcony. Check all details at ExWeb before the spotlight moves to Karakoram. In other news:

Makalu It’s over for the British Forces team, who finally retreated from the rarely climbed SE ridge. A French expedition summited Makalu from the normal route on May 23rd, Marty Schmidt made it on the 24th descending with the three Ukrainian summiteers who topped out via a new route on the SW face.

Cho Oyu SummitClimb, Adventure Peaks and the Baltic United team (w/o 02) Saulius Vilius, Allan Valge and Tanel Tuuleveski all bagged the peak.

Shisha Pangma German skiers reported they’d try a last-ditch attempt mid last week.

Tracking Explorers: beyond SPOT’s reach – meet Solara Tiny and affordable a SPOT tracker is the “it” thing in Himalaya right now. Globalstar’s satellite system lacks 100% coverage of the globe though, so for transmissions of positions in polar areas as well as much of the South Pacific and Indian Oceans an Iridium based system is a must. Check out ExWeb’s tech review of Solara.

Hero in the making: First Indian to circumnavigate Naval officer Dilip Donde just returned from a full solo circumnavigation as the first Indian national. He did it in the first fiberglass produced Indian sailing yacht – the 56 feet INSV Mhadei.

Erden Eruc update: Cycling Southern Australia In his world circumnavigation, Erden continued cycling around southern Australia westwards towards Perth. He crossed Australia’s longest straight road and Nullarbor Plain, a treeless limestone area of 200,000 km2, and travelled along the Bunda Cliffs that drops vertically into the Southern Ocean averaging 90m.

First Norwegians through Northeast Passage since Amundsen In the summer of 2009 the three Norwegians Trond Aasvoll, Hans Fredrik Haukland and Finn Andreassen left Vardø, just by the Russian border, with an ambition to sail both the Northeast and Northwest Passage in on summer. But Russian officials and paperwork stopped half their dream.

ExWeb interview: Ousland to sail round the North Pole Norwegian Børge Ousland is famous for his expeditions on ice. This summer he is hoping for as little ice as possible as he and his partner Thorleif Thorleifsson will try to circumnavigate the North Pole under sail in one season. So far no one has managed to do that.

ExWeb interview with Christian Eide, “Training in advance, skis on the sledges and a strict daily routine” Christian Eide and his Team Latitude crossed the Greenland Ice Cap in 14 days and 16 hours. “Not a record, but still a good time for 11 persons,” Christian said to ExplorersWeb. He explained what contributed to their success, about his sled modification and the conditions on Greenland.

ExWeb interview with Ian Couch and Ben Thackwray The 2 Greenland skiers teamed up for the first time on a row boat across the mid Atlantic in 2007-08 and made 2 attempts to break the speed record along the horizontal crossing of the Greenland Ice Cap. Ian Couch rowed 3x across the oceans and talked to ExWeb about the importance of the crew’s personalities and the similarities & differences between rowing & polar skiing.

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