Himalaya 2010 climbing season, Karakoram and Himalaya wrap-up /26/ – Week in Review.

Swedish sky-skier lost and a flood affecting more people than ever: the final chapter of the 2010 Karakoram climbing summer offered little joy. Austrian skyrunner Christian Stangl bagged the only K2 summit this season in a lonely 70 hours-long push up the Abruzzi Spur.

In other news: Check out interviews, Solo North Pole flight photos, the Amazon walker who is finished after more than 2 years though the jungle, plus 14-year old Laura Dekker who has set sail on the first leg of her sail around the world. Alberto Zerain and a massive Everest & Himalaya 2010 Season’s End Chronicles are kicking off the Himalaya fall season and on the tech side – CONTACT Augmented is the next step.

Everest north side: Alberto Zerain acclimatizing at 6,000m Already at the foot of Everest, Alberto Zerain has reached 6,000 in a first acclimatization trip. The Basque climber was forced to set up BC at 5,500 – ABC is out of reach for yaks due to heavy snow on the glacier. Alberto is alone on the Tibetan side of the mountain for a solo attempt of the Supercouloir.

Pakistan: K2 climbers devastated by the loss of Fredrik Ericsson The amazing Swedish sky-skier fell to his death while on summit push in the Bottleneck with Gerlinde. Maxut Zhumayev and Vassiliy Pivtsov, Fabrizio, a devastated Gerlinde – all except for Stangl finally aborted their own attempts. Rain soaked K2 BC as they paid tribute to Fredrik; meanwhile fresh floods enlarged the path of destruction along the Indus river banks.

Pakistan floods update “I have seen nothing like this,” UN chief Ban Ki-Moon said. “It’s the worst flood I’ve witnessed in my life,” ExplorersWeb Pakistan correspondent Karrar Haidri agreed. “It’s a disaster,” American Fabrizio Zangrilli confirmed from Skardu end last week.

Christian Stangl K2 summit pic and report: “It was not fun at all” Austrian skyrunner Christian Stangl bagged the only K2 summit this season on Aug 12th, at 10:00am, in a lonely 70 hours-long push up the Abruzzi Spur. He is the only climber who has reached K2 summit this season. “If mountain climbing were as the last 70 hours here at K2, I would immediately stop,” he said back in BC. Check out his report and summit pic at ExWeb.

ExWeb special report on “impossible” K2 & BP double-headers – American Chris Warner: “It is so alluring, that goal!” Year after year, a handful of Karakoram climbers try the Broad Peak and K2 double-header – only to return with one summit at best. Why is that? ExWeb asked around some seasoned climbers.

Everest & Himalaya 2010 Season’s End Chronicles It’s that time again: Himalaya fall season is kicking off. Meanwhile, ExplorersWeb’s contributor Brazilian Rodrigo Granzotto has done a massive job compiling the spring season:

Part 1 covers 8000er Collectors, Everest Serial Summiteers and Lost Climbers.
Part 2: The final chapter of the race between Edurne Pasaban and Oh Eun-Sun for the first female 14x8000ers ascent.
Part 3: Climbers joining the 14x8000er summiteers’ club, historic records, other “firsts” achieved in spring 2010 plus the controversies (Ed note/correction: Juanito’s Annapurna summit is valid unless the community changes rules for descents.)
Part 4 finally covers serial summiteers, lower peaks, new routes, rescues and Sherpa racers.

HumanEdgeTech presents: Contact Augmented Augmented reality mixes real-world environment with virtual reality features. CONTACT made lightweight satellite communication possible. CONTACT Augmented is the next step and Tom Sjogren at HumanEdgeTech explained all about it.

ExWeb interview with Sean Burch Known for his super-fast ascents, American Sean Burch is about to cross Nepal on foot from India to Tibet on the Great Himalaya Trail. He will be climbing and running at altitudes over 20,000 ft during 10-15hr shifts per day. Sean will be dispatching over CONTACT A and told ExplorersWeb that the fly-in software rocks.

Laura Dekker sets off on her circumnavigation 14-year old Dutch sailor Laura Dekker set sail August 21 on the first leg of her sail around the world. During the last two weeks Laura did some preparations in Portugal but set out from from Gibraltar to avoid press attention.

North Pole Yacht Race: Neck to neck Norwegian explorer Børge Ousland and his crew has just sailed in to the Laptev Sea in the North East Passage. A little bit further southeast the Russian expedition Peter 1st battling it out with the ice.The Russians have had a substantial lead. But not anymore.

ExWeb’s Oceans Editor Jon Amtrup about sailing around Svalbard: “Safety is a state of mind” Norwegian Skipper Jon Amtrup set sail around Svalbard on ‘Explorer North’ an Ovni 435. She is in aluminum, insulated, has a lifting keel, an ideal boat for these waters, says Jon. He tells ExWeb about a first encounter with a polar bear, the remoteness and the promising ice conditions that could change 24hrs.

Lipton Cup Sailing Challenge about to start in Cape Town Sailors from Southern Africa are competing in the Lipton Cup Challenge, which is being sailed in Table Bay from Sunday, August 22. Teams from Namibia, South Africa and Mozambique challenge against each other in L26 yachts. The youngest sailor is 13 years old.

Solo North Pole flight photos American Wayne Maynard made a 1,844 nautical mile solo flight from Resolute Bay to the North Pole and back in a Cessna 350. He sent through some photos to ExplorersWeb that he took enroute. Some of the pics are of his navigation equipment showing the variation and the effect of the Magnetic North Pole.

ExWeb Interview with Sarah McNair-Landry, “The North Pole is a race against the clock” In March-April 23-year old Sarah McNairy-Landry followed her parents by guiding a ski expedition from Canada to the North Pole. She told ExWeb about the race against the clock, the challenging navigation at the end, plus some about her current canoe expedition in Mongolia and Russia.

Eric Brossier and his hybrid-motorboat in Greenland Captain Eric Brossier and France Pinczon du Sel from Vagabond fame are in Greenland with a hybrid-motorboat equipped with diesel and electrical engines, 10 square meters of solar panels, two wind turbines and three sails. To complete the crew their 3-year old and 5-month old daughters are accompanying them.

Greenland update: Eide and team skiing towards DYE II Christian Eide crossed the Icecap in May. He is back with another team for what was originally planned as an autumn crossing on the same route, from east to west. Too much meltwater on the west caused the closure of the route and Christian is curious how the conditions compare to his 3 previous autumn trips.

Trans-Kalahari adventure run in Botswana kicked off Greg Maud, Kirsi Montonen and Jukka Viljanen started their 1000 km adventure run across the Kalahari in Botswana, Southern Africa.

Kenya run update: Over halfway Chris Rhys Howarth who is attempting a 1,100 miles (1,770 km) run across Kenya reported incredible views while running in the shadow of Mount Kenya.

Extreme Mountain biking: 6000m up a volcano Germans Frank Hülsemann, Markus de Marees and Andre Hauschke challenged themselves to cycle from sea level to above 6000m up the volcano Ojos del Salado in Chile. Altitude sickness forced two cyclists down but Andre Hauschke made it to 6085m without carrying or pushing his bike.

Two around-the-world cycling speed attempts finished Alan Bate (45) finished his around-the-world cycle speed attempt in Bangkok after 114 days. He nearly collapsed during the last leg in Thailand because of food poisoning. Four days before Alan another Brit, Vin Cox (35), finished his around-the-world speed attempt, which he completed in 164 days.

Daydreamed himself to the longest rivers Adventurer Mark Kalch is making the final preparations for his next big thing. He has daydreamed himself in to a massive undertaking called the “7 rivers, 7 continents” project – an attempt to make human-powered descents of the longest river on every continent.

Amazon walker: It is finished after more than 2 years though the jungle “The cynics have been silenced – it is possible to walk the Amazon – we’ve just done it,” wrote Ed Stafford after finishing the 28 month challenge. He and teammate Gadiel “Cho” Sanchez finished at the sea on the east coast of Brazil after starting from the source of the Amazon.

ExWeb interview with Roger Chao and Megan Kerr (final) “Be aware of cultural and religious traditions” As a woman she had to keep a low profile in strict Muslim areas, Megan told ExWeb. During their journey in Central Asia there were times that they felt unsafe, Roger added, but most people were nice. Read about the tension between the different ethnic groups and how to stay out of trouble.

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